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Younger players are going straight into super rugby teams quicker than ever before and aren’t hanging about the sevens circuit like they used to.

here’s the current 7/8-year pipeline for a decent outside back

School boy rugby (17-18)
7’s (18-20)
Super Rugby (19-23)
All black extended squad/ Fringe player (24)
European contract (25)


There is no reason for The NZRFU to sink money into it as the financial returns just aren’t there.

My brother coaches 7’s in the US and tells me that the US programme is basically funded by College money. Plus there is a greater awareness from college athletes who miss out on the NFL that they could still have a chance at sporting greatness and Olympic gold which the American’s covet over anything else.


What money is there to sink in? The main costs are maintaining a full time squad and the travel costs which they do anyway.

(Also in the current squad there is only one player under 21, three aged over 30).


Yeah, that’s my point about the current squad. They are left with guys who aren’t good enough to play super rugby so not technically our best available players. Any new blood goes straight through the team 1-2 seasons max.

Sevens rugby money in NZ is not great.
They would be better off getting a normal job.

Hey, I’m not saying it’s not something we don’t want to win but its all relative to the financial return.


Sevens players are never top of the line players for any tier one teams. There’s almost no crossover between the them and internationals / first class club or regional players. Just decent players that can’t make Pro14/Top14/Premiership teams.

So maybe it’s just there’s now a level playing field in that aspect. :wink:


Oh I agree Gar.
I think we (nz) were lucky with our depth for quite a few years but the progression Conveyor belt has speed up quite a bit for younger talent .
Plus other none teir 1 countries focusing on it more now that it’s in the Olympics have levelled the field


Also one day we need to watch a NZ v Wales test at the millennium together!


That’s definitely true. As well as the USA and Kenya I was watching some HK Sevens last weekend and Spain got to the final 4. Admittedly with some weakened squads due to the Commonwealth games but I find it very refreshing actually to see the new teams competing properly (and we can both guffaw that they beat the Aussies).


yeah, I couldn’t believe that till I realised the com games teams weren’t involved!

It is a good taster for full 15’s and a great day out on the juice!


Not really into large-team sports in the Olympics. Seems the more people involved, the lower my interest. Love beach volleyball, but indoor with all the squeaky shoes? Pass. Throw a javelin. Jump high. Run fast. Paddle a boat of some sort. Do not sail a boat; that’s recreation, not sport. (America’s Cup, my hinder!) Hockey, field hockey, all that near unwatchable. Glad they kicked baseball. I like baseball just as is, thanks. Really long races? They can go, too. Except the Marathon - there’s a reason for that one.

Also not too keen on “sports” where the judging is all micromanaged and ticky-tack; yeah, I’m looking right at both gymnastics and especially the ridiculous “rhythmic gymnastics” and whatever the hell that is what with all the little girls in too much make-up swimming about in unison. Save that for Circe de Soleil.

My basic opinion is that sports are appropriate compensations for a society moving past violence. Sports do need to have some martial or directly competitive component. Personally, there is little as satisfying as smacking something with a baseball bat - preferably a baseball. Fencing, judo, boxing - all on topic. Running away quickly is a very, very handy skill to have. Don’t know if any wars were ever won by wee girls swimming.

The last thing I’d want to see is NFL-type football in the Olympics. Rather have dodgeball!


That doesn’t bother me. What I think is important is Olympic Gold should be the pinnacle in whatever sport enters. On that basis I would kick out football, golf and tennis instantly (the authorities don’t agree though as they just let golf back in). They all care more about a World Cup, Masters or Wimbledon title.

Basketball is on the edge as there isn’t really much international competition outside of the Olympics.


Continuing with my thesis of battle-related sport, golf, although the clubs are definitely potent and popular weapons, is basically just hitting a ball around. The connection is vague at best. Tennis is also similar, although good training, as in a battle the best one can do with tennis skills is volley a grenade back, should one be equipped with a racket. Football is just too on-point; not enough of an analogue (and that’s NFL, Canadian, Aussie and footie!).

The ancient Olympics was to celebrate a fellow who ran real fast for a real long way to carry news. However, the Olympics is still not a proper journalism competition! Rock climbing, for example, is a skill, not a sport. It cannot be a sport, for one always loses to gravity. Ping-pong? Oh, hell, no. But it’s really popular and does not take up much room. Okay, play a bit of table tennis.

Don’t get me started on figure skating.


Do you know why the marathon is 26 miles 385 yards long?


Because that’s the distance from the starting line to the finish line. Duh!


The Commonwealth Games is worth it just for this:


When I first saw that earlier I couldn’t decide whether it was a set up or not, but the more I watch it the more convinced I am that no-one would make that noise willingly.


Yeah I think he is turning around the interview the swimmers and hasn’t twigged there’s a step to a deeper section (which is what he admits in the article).


Yeah, you can see where he missteps, it just seems so obvious that there’s a step there from the camera’s perspective.

Coogan is going to be pissed off that his new Alan Partridge series will have to compete against this kind of stuff in the real world. :smile:



It snowed in Chicago on Monday morning and the Cubs game was suspended. I expect most White Sox fans thought the game would be canceled too. But of course the headline fuckwits don’t actually report that.