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It was a sad day when bullshit became news.


I’m surprised there’s anything at all in the US about it.

I’m okay with the Commonwealth games though for what they are, which is a secondary contest like the athletics world championships etc. I also like that Wales, Scotland, NI and England complete independently.

The rugby sevens should be good because all the decent teams, apart from USA and France, are included.


Yeah, Last Week Tonight did a snarky “why is this still a thing” about the Commonwealth Games for the last one, focusing on the Commonwealth aspect. But it’s really just something to fill time between Olympics, like the Euro’s are between World Cups. Given the relatively short lifespan of most elite athletic careers, it seems hard to begrudge that.


Yeah exactly, the Euros are good but we all know are secondary to the World Cup, that’s okay.


And there’s the womens’ comp.



Got about a half inch of Opening Day piling up on the lawn…


Still snowing here, but downtown Denver, we got us a ball game!

I think 27ºF at 3:11pm first pitch. Now 4-1 Braves, top 4th.

[Later] Still piddlin’ here, Rocks lost.


Horrible tragedy last night. A bus containing 29 people (including driver) of the Humboldt Broncos (Saskatchewan, Canada - Major Junior Hockey) collided with a semi-trailer. Death toll now at 15, plus 14 injured (some critically).

Thoughts and prayers to the victims, families, friends and loved ones.

You never play for the name on the back of the jersey,
always for the crest on the front.
Tonight’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks @ Winnipeg Jets had both teams playing for the names on the back.
“Broncos” on every players jersey.
A touch of class from both organizations.


Holy shit, the Padres fucked up and GAVE the Astros the win!



This is the one I was talking about. (Montreal? Must have had a brainfart.)


I didn’t know they were on until I saw a facebook post from my sister about an hour ago. I mean, I’m not a sports follower, but I always know when the big events are on because of ubiquitous TV coverage. This year? tumbleweed


Could this be because you got rid of your TV?

(It’s on BBC1/2 all day - then again being in Australia it’s on quite early).



MMM not too far off so far.
Expect Indian medals to stop.
Scotland and Wales are making a good run at it and will probably each finish with more medals than NZ.
Still expect Aus to take at least 50% of all medals available


Ok, on reflection it could be because I’ve watched barely any “live” telly in the last week :smiley:


Yeah the country shift depends a lot on the sports, India are good at weightlifting and hockey but useless at swimming and track and field. The Kenyans will likely get all the distance races and head up the table. Jamaicans with the sprints.

For the sevens, NZ are off the boil so I expect Fiji and South Africa to be favourites but it’s a sport where it’s quite easy to get an upset with a couple of mistakes.

Wales have a child prodigy in the table tennis, competing at only 11 years old there were some digs as to whether she could see over the table. She won a couple of games against adult opponents.


Our sevens days are done.
More money in 15’s and little recognition for winning a gold when the All Black Jersey casts such a large shadow over the NZ rugby Public.

Hell if we don’t medal we would be upset for a day and move on.
If we get knocked out of the world cup we cry about for 4 years.


Has it really changed that much in the 3-4 years since they were winning the series every year?

I agree 15s is the absolute focus (it is for all tier 1 teams over sevens) and it’s easy not to be too concerned if you drop off but I sense the NZRU put in as much effort as they did up to 2014, just the coach and current crop isn’t as good. These things can be cyclical, SA seem to have twisted the opposite way with their 7s team getting better and 15s dropping off.

(Also after Olympic status teams like Kenya, Canada and the USA go all out for sevens game and have made it harder).