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The Sports Thread



We have one Aussie bloke at our cricket club (Dumfries ,Scotland) and boy are we pummeling him with memes and banter at the moment!

Here’s a goodie


And this beauty




How 'bout them Yankees?


Astros beat the Ranger 4-1.

All is well.


These Astros are darned good, and a challenge for the teams I actually like! As for the Rangers, I liked 'em when Ryan was pitching. That was a while back.



One of my favorite moments. A couple of days ago Pitarra posted the heater from Randy Johnson beaning the dove. A shot of the ball trickling through Buckner’s feet would make the Trifecta!


Oh the memes!

This is savage



So any thoughts on Joshua v Parker heavyweight fight about to start??


I don’t follow boxing very closely, this is a unification fight?

Who’s your money on, Mark?


Hate to say it but good money is on Anthony Joshua.
Joseph Parker is a kiwi and i’d Love him to win but he’s being outclassed.

You never know all it takes is one punch


Yeah 10 our if 12 rounds to Anthony Joshua. Easy going. Red was weird though wouldn’t let them get close.


You East Coasters are well aware, but you got local coverage as well.



Not sure whether to put this in sports or science…

The pages contain 32 squads of players, plus managers, stadiums and World Cup legends, totalling 682 stickers.

A pack of five stickers has risen from 50p to 80p - a 60% increase.

If you buy 137 packets and never get the same sticker twice, it will cost £109.60, but this is “extremely unlikely”, says the professor.

Prof Harper, from Cardiff University’s School of Mathematics, worked out a formula to include the least probable number of duplicate stickers.

In the end, he demonstrated that on average you would need to buy 4,832 stickers - or 967 packets - to complete the Italian-made book.

With 10 friends swapping, it could still cost them an average of £247 each to complete the album, according to the professor’s calculations.


That is ridiculous! Glad I only ever collected the Stargate panini album.


It s ems the Ravens are a bit late with their April fools japery.


Guys, the Commonwealth Games are on! Who’s excited!



Honestly mate in the Uk you wouldn’t even know it was on.
Basic predictions medal %
Aus 50%
Eng 20%
Canada 16%
NZ 10%
The rest 4%

Honestly what’s the point
Aside from the rugby and netball no one in NZ cares


Saw one ad for the Commonwealth Games, last Saturday during a golf match. Not exactly high-profile.

There is more interest in both soccer and rugby (and around here, La Crosse) since the NFL has changed a bit.

My main interests at the moment are: 1) If it will snow out the Rockies’ Opening Day at home come Friday, and 2) what to do about that Christian Villanueva dude in Friarville. Three home runs in a game? As a rookie? Problem. Definite problem.