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Even a non-car guy like me can plainly see that’s flat-out gorgeous.

Way to get me interested in something else, Smith!


Congrats to the Irish rugby team for winning the Grand Slam with their victory today over England. Seems very fitting on St Patrick’s Day.


I can only imagine how drunk Ireland is right now.


Scotland was right behind you!!
Bloody brilliant


As was mentioned by Fallon, it’s Spring Break, March Madness and St. Paddy’s Day.

Now add the rugby (and I have much respect for the alcohol intake of the average rugby player).

And I kinda hope Sunday morning is nice and quiet.

But I’d bet on


Congrats to the ‘scummy’ Irish. Very well deserved, the ‘shitty’ Welsh came second.


Well Gar England did finish FIFTH so not a bad effort from the welsh at all :wink:

Totally get the eddie jones refernce by the way.


I watched that Scotland game. I’m not so sure there was much to celebrate there. You came within minutes of losing to a team that has not won in like a decade or something. 3 squeakers and 2 blow out losses is a very intriguing record.


You know I’m a kiwi right?:wink:
Citizenship hasn’t cleared yet

And the golden rule for anyone who follows rugby is anyone but England :rofl:


Looks like England cricket might be saved by the rain :frowning:



1.3bn v 3m. No contest.


Damn it, Steph!


I have to say that next Thursday can’t come soon enough because it will the start of the baseball season and I could use another diversion to follow now.


Hamilton crushed the Australian F1 qualifying, over half a second quicker than the Ferrari’s. Hopefully it’s an interesting race (might watch the highlights).


Speaking of Australia This is Hiiiiiii-larious


It wasn’t the best race ever, but the closeness of the top teams and midfield is promising for the season ahead.


this was on ESPN when I turned on my TV and they were talking about how Zettel regained the lead because he was able to go faster on pit road than Hamilton on the course because Hamilton had to go slower because of a caution. This doesn’t seem to make sense but the announcers treated it like it was normal. ???


There was a load of moaning from the (moderately pro-Hamilton) press here about it. It seems counter-intuitive, but knowing when to pit to an advantage when there’s a safety car (or VSC) is pretty standard. Everyone’s lost and gained from it over the years. You can’t really do anything to stop it as cars (as Vettel did) will genuinely need to pit and it’s not like he did a Schumacher and just drove straight through for a gain.


Thursday Cometh!

Make Arizona Gag Again!

We got Ianetta back, the Big Unit is retired, and now it’s open season on dang Diamondbacks!