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As a follow-up to this post, I ended up not watching one second of the games.



How it’s done in Colorado.
(Please note; Todd Helton has a private lake he calls a “pond” for fishing.)


USA won the Las Vegas Rugby Sevens, beating England, Fiji and Argentina in the knockout stages.
Since it was added as an Olympic sport they’ve grown ever stronger.

In the semi final there was this outrageous try from Perry Baker from his own line. Well worth a watch, he has gas.


That’s fantastic. Dude runs like the wind.


I love how he slows right down at the end, just to take the piss :smiley:





He is an ex player for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Funnily enough while the technical term is ‘try’ rugby commentators do often use ‘touchdown’ because that is what they do and ironically no longer do in American football as the rules evolved. I’m not sure ‘runover’ or ‘linecross’ really works though does it? :smile:


That was very cool. I’m friendly with some strength and conditioning coaches that work with Rugby players. One of which helps train the Franks brothers. Their training is pretty intense.


I thank your friend for his fine work


F1 Winter testing is in its second week. Thankfully, Red Bull look to be competitive with Ferrari and Mercedes, which’ll hopefully translate into the season proper and spice things up a bit.

There have been a couple of amusing things though. McLaren, finally free of the Honda engines that have blighted them for the past few years, have had a string of technical problems across the tests (more due to the car than their new Renault engines, it seems) while Toro Rosso, who ended up with the Honda engines, have been running fine and more competitively than McLaren Honda usually were. It would be quite ironic if Honda finally nailed their engines now they’ve left McLaren (although there are questions about how many engines Honda have used this week and last compared to everyone else, with the suggestion that they’re using new units every day).

The other amusing thing is with Robert Kubica. A successful mid-field driver in F1 about ten years ago, tipped to be a future top driver, he had to retire after a rallying accident severely injured his arm. Against all the odds though, he’s managed to recover enough to drive and has been looking for a way back into F1 (helped by Nico Rosberg). He tested for Renault last year, but was passed over. Then he tested for Williams, who ultimately didn’t give him their vacant drive (going for Sergey Sirotkin, who brings in tonnes of totally legit Russian sponsor money) but took him on as reserve and test driver, the logic being that he can build his way back up to a full time drive (whereas I’d have given him the drive and taken the young, unproven but much hyped Sirotkin as back-up in case Kubica couldn’t hack it long term). Kubica’s been out in the tests this week and last and has been faster than both Sirotkin and Williams’ other inexperienced pay-driver, Lance Stroll.


That’s amazing for Kubica, I think his hand was nearly severed in the accident. Fantastic he’s racing again.


I was a big fan of Kubica when he drove in F1 and I’ve been keeping track of his career since his accident. I was really hoping he’d get a seat. This testing might go a long way to changing things.
Although I think he was faster than at least one of the Williams drivers during the testing they did at the end of last season while making their final decisions.


Yeah, Kubica was supposedly faster than/as fast as whoever it was Renault had him testing against. And then Williams essentially had him, Sirotkin and Di Resta drive off for Massa’s seat at the end of last year and I’m sure there were accounts saying Kubica was quickest and that it was between him and DiResta. Supposedly they needed a driver over 25 for sponsor promotional reasons too, but then they went with Sirotkin, who’s about 20. It does all seem to point to the fact that he brings in lots of money, like Stroll, which is handy given the Martini deal ends this year.


Which is such a shame considering how talented he is. Did you see pictures of his rally car? The crash barrier he hit managed to skewer right through the car which led to his injuries.
At least F1 is quite transparent about the fact that money really greases the wheels. Almost as long as the sport has existed there have been drivers buying seats, either outright paying the teams or via massive sponsorship deals.


For y’all F1 folk.

I had no clue these cars coud turn right.


You need to watch any F1 race for more than 2 minutes, it isn’t raced on oval tracks.


I find it incredibly hard to keep up with Formula E (the odd, stretched out, inconsisitent calendar, one day events and bargain basement TV coverage don’t help) so I missed that they revealed the new spec of car for “season 5” (2018/19) recently. It looks phenomenal!

They’re practically Batmobiles. The range has increased, so the mid-race car swap will be ditched for next season too, which I guess will completely eliminate the need for pit stops, given the hard tyres they use.