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Spring Training Day! New Rules!

Yes, MLB agreed to shorten commercial breaks during the regular season. Can’t say I saw that coming. Here are the new between inning commercial break times:

Regular season games: 2:05 (previously 2:25)
Nationally televised games: 2:25 (previously (2:45)
Postseason games: 2:55


I’m not sure if this will embed/preview, as it’s a Twitter moment rather than a tweet, but I’m on my phone, so shrug

This is both impressive and quite sad.


On one hand, she can tell people that she was an Olympic athlete. On the other hand, when people check her out on You-Tube, they will realize she really isn’t.


I’m going with “impressive” and “not-at-all-sad”. She’s probably just had the most awesome week of her life doing something she really loves in the company of people she really admires.

I imagine she feels like someone who’s gone to ComicCon cosplaying Iron Man and had her pic taken with Robert Downey Junior and retweeted a billion times.


I can see all that, but she spent a fortune to do it (going to all the qualifiers); had to qualify for a country she’s not from (somehow) and so is presumably a complete outsiders amongst her own team; everyone she competed against presumably knew her as the one gaming their system for a stunt (or non-stunt, I guess) and well, she looks kind of ridiculous to anyone watching who didn’t know how she’d got there. It just seems a lot of effort and chicanery to go to not be at all good at something.


Is there an Olympic medal for trolling?


Hopefully it’s made of chocolate.


She misses the “Eddie the Eagle” empathy for both those reasons but in the end I can’t really muster too much emotion about it if that’s what she wants to spend her time and money doing, good luck to her (there won’t be a Hollywood biopic I suspect).


I’m totally going to get some of these made now.


Dude - they weigh in at a pound apiece!


I used to love watching college basketball. I grew up with the Big East battles of Syracuse, Georgetown, and Villanova. The first days of the tournament were my favorite time of year. But it has gotten so corrupt lately it has become so depressing and the way they punish schools after the fact is a bit absurd.

So Louisville got their championship taken away. What does that mean for all the teams they beat during the tournament. Just like USC in football, they have this stupid gap in championship history and deserving teams are left with could have beens.

With the teams named in this new report, it very well could happen again. For once, it would be nice if the NCAA could be proactive and suspend the teams now(the facts are there, this is no case of innocent till proven guilty). But it will not happen because the NCAA might lose $ and that is more important than any integrity the game may have.

I am not surprised to see Michigan State there. My new favorite coach to hate, Tom( I am too busy winning games to comment on my abomination of a department) Izzo is a joke. For years this guy was held up as one of the pillars of the game but in truth his department just hid all nasty stuff going on.



Don’t know their names, but whoever is calling the Biathlons for NBC is certainly enthusiastic. For a sport with plenty of stretches for commercials, one would think something’s exploding! Very entertaining. I’m kind of waiting for the dude to be led off in a straitjacket. Maybe I’m just not redneck enough to get orgasmic over shooting a rifle. Dunno.


So tangent from regular sports catch up.
Scotland just beat England in the 6 nations rugby for the first time in 10 years and people are losing their minds!
Don’t think ive ever seen this ripe of atmosphere before in my life


I’m seeing Celtic football (soccer) supporters hugging rangers supporters its bizarre!!


It was a great and hugely unexpected win by Scotland. Love it.


Good Irish win too!


The Irish supporters at the pub where losing their minds! Best chance of a grand slam in years! (grand slam = beating all home nations out of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England)


It was (I confess through gritted teeth).

Actually a grand slam is winning every game. If you beat the other ‘home nations’ you get a triple crown.


Yup sorry sir you are correct.
Heres a bonus for you