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The Sports Thread


I predict Sweden will win the women’s skeleton.


My wife loves the figure skating.


Since Roller Derby will likely never be an Olympic event, I have to be content with short track speed skating.


Three words: Jamaica Bobsled Team!


Seriously, I am a sporting fan idiot. I’ll watch much of anything as while someone will bore me about 3 act structures are hugely important to cinema sport is genuinely real and random.

I have never been able to give a toss about the Winter Olympics, there could be darts on the telly.


I’m a bit excited this year as my kid is the right age for it. When I was a kid I loved the Olympics.


Me too, the summer ones. Whatever people enjoy is fine for me but for whatever reason the ice and snow version has been very second class.


There seems to be a bit more pomp and circumstance to the summer games, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the winter games, maybe partly because I live in a cold place where skiing, skating, and hockey have always been a part of life (although I’ve always been shit at all three).

The winter games have also been greatly improved by HDTVs, I think. The events pop on the screen the way they didn’t before.


The winter sports make for better TV. The summer games are fucked by constantly focusing on swimming and gymnastics, with a little sprinting thrown in for 5 minutes a night. It’s just not an enjoyable experience.

Granted NBC will force fucking Figure Skating down our throats, but you have Hockey, Speed Skating, Curling, Snowboarding, Bobsleigh, Ski Jumping, Skiing and that one where they shoot targets then go for a walk. All excellent TV.


It’s interesting, Michael Johnson now works for the BBC in the UK and gave a candid interview where he said despite his incredible records in the 200/400m nobody in the US seems to give a shit. It’s why he works for a foreign broadcaster because they cover a lot of athletics.

He’s a little arrogant but I think that’s a trait all the best sportsmen have.

From what I can see the winter Olympics are mostly on Eurosport which is the arse end of any sports coverage.


My favorite Olympian this year. While she is pretty, the main fact is she skis in a Captain Marvel outfit. When I first saw it I thought it was a promotional photo shoot costume but as you can see she actually competes while wearing it.


Plus, she has an excellent chance of bringing home a medal or two.


One of the commentators in the 5000m Men’s Speed Skate Like Blazes said of the gathering speed of an opponent:
“Here he comes, looming like Mount Doom on the horizon.”

+5 points for the Mordor reference!


No points for poetry, though. I’d have gone for:

“Looming like Mount Doom in the room. Boom!”


What a beautiful moment, a unified Korea in women’s hockey. Though they were far outclassed by the Swiss and Swedish ladies in 8-0 routs, the arena chant of “We are one!” was chilling in a wonderful way. This is why I may hate winter but can’t get enough of the Winter Olympics, one of the few equalizers in our troubled world.


In a bizarre twist, one of the players on the Korean women’s team is an American, adopted from South Korea as a baby and raised in the US, but playing in the Olympics for her birth country. Meanwhile, her American sister is playing on the US women’s team.


Ya cain’t make this stuff up!

I thought I was a little to deep in the bag and this was some weird sci-fi Olympics take. Nope. Whatta woild!


She keeps appearing on the promotional advertising on Eurosport and every time I think “that looks like Captain Marvel’s costume, I’ll have a closer look next time.” I never do but I’m glad someone more eagle eyed has confirmed it.


Yeah, I saw that, and I’m trying to think, one of the American snowboarders had a close friend of Korean descent accompany her to Pyeongchang after they went their separate ways, something like that. I’m interested to see how the Swedish men and women do in hockey this time, since they’re heavily favored. More than likely, it’ll be US-Canada per usual, but those gold medal games never disappoint!