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The Guardian’s headline feed from Tuesday:

The central headline asks why a woman was not picked as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. The surrounding headlines each refer to two men who played on a field with 20 other men, officiated by another group of men, and written about in the Guardian by men.

I’m not really sure why the Guardian felt the need to ask the question.


It’s a good point (although if I recall I read that article and she raises it herself).

It’s interesting that it depends on the sport a lot. Women athletes, swimmers and tennis players almost get the same level of coverage. Golf, cricket, football etc a lot less.

On the officiating, last weekend in the European Champions Cup, Joy Neville of the Irish Rugby Union became the first female referee at the top pro level in Europe. I have seen her ref before and she’s a lot better than her compatriot George Clancy, who is shit. :smile:


@Sean_Robinson and @VonDooom


“Grapes” is one of a kind.

3 of his cups as a player were also as an Amerk, as we like to call them in Rochester



Rox are loading up on their bullpen


I was about to post that to you. My buddy Brian is a big KC fan (both Royals and Chiefs) and was disappointed, but we need it 'cause Holland is not as steady as he was.


For the first time in about ten years I have access to the full college bowl schedule and I have a dvr so I don’t miss them due to time differences.
Even carefully picking games I still have a backlog of seven games to get through and another two will be recorded tonight.
At least I can skip the ads which really does cut down viewing time.


You sound just like me when I bought the last month of the MLB season. Who’s doing what? When? He did WHAT?

Have fun, bub!


I am, only up to the Cactus Bowl so far but lots of good football at the moment.


I’ve skipped ahead to the Orange Bowl as I am a Hurricanes fan and can’t avoid the score for the next two weeks or so that it’ll take me to get caught up.

So far this game proves everything I was saying about officiating in the NFL thread. There was a fumble awarded after review that clearly wasn’t a fumble, a td awarded after review which clearly wasn’t a td and numerous uncalled holds including one which was then talked about as a great block by the commentary team despite the o-Lineman having his arm around the defenders neck.


What drove me nuts were the challenges this year and the difference between the on-field officials and the camera. One call was made on which of the receiver’s butt cheeks landed on the ground first. Nothing but a camera could have caught that!

It does make for more “correct” calls, but seems to undercut the skills of hard-working refs and umps.

What do you think?


In the first case, the fumble, the refs were correct with the original call of no fumble but then it was overturned with no clear evidence of a fumble. To me, a canes fan, it was clear that the Wisconson runner had a knee and elbow down before the ball came out.

On the other call the ref was clearly wrong calling a td, the Wisconson player spun away from the end zone and out of bounds, no part of him entered the end zone and the ball didn’t cross the plain. All the replays showed the same yet the play stood. I have no idea what the officials saw.

I do wonder if it was not overturned to make up for the previous poor call.

I like seeing a challenged or reviewed play staying the same as it proves the refs were correct but at the same time (and as mentioned in the NFL thread) refs do get things wrong or miss things and the challenges/reviews can be useful in those situations. I also agree that only certain calls can be challenged and the fact that it goes to the replay officials within the two minutes at the end of the halves.


This was classic, in a FB thread for Rockies fans concerning Nolan Arenado.

I’ve been a Rockies fan as long as there have been Rockies. I grew up at Coors. I’ve stood by through the highs and the more frequent lows. I bleed purple.

But I swear to God, if you don’t fill up a f****ing cement mixer with hundred dollar bills, back it up to Nolan’s house, and grovel in a pool of money begging him to sign a long-term contract, I’ll burn my jersey and go to my grave telling my future grandchildren I was raised a Mariners fan.


There are two games a day on that I play. Question of the Day is from The New York Times and one writes an answer; as in Final Jeopardy. One can check the answer the next day. This does not provide a score.

J6 is an interactive live timed game with six answers to get a cumulative score. Dollar amounts are not provided. One chooses from twelve answers to get six, and these count. Score is correct question, fastest time, and minus for wrong question.

Why in the sports thread? In case anybody has never wrestled with maintaining an average! Stats can get very heady, and we tend to forget the massive regular work to maintain any sort of good average! I went 3-for-6 today (abysmal!) and BAM! Down to 88% from the 89% I was hanging on to by my fingernails. Maintaining an average is hard!

It’s hard to maintain a proper level of respect when we are totally into watching many hours of any sport. These folks are all very good at it! The very worst professional will doubtless perform better than a gifted amateur, for the factor of maintaining the average has long been in play.

I’m not excusing playing poorly! I could have gone 4-for-6 today, but I had doubt, and chose poorly. So, I paid. Luckily, Jeopardy! is not a team sport. Days like today give me some semblance of humility. I’ve had slumps. I hate slumps. I’ve had raging good runs. Those, I like!

Guess what I’m saying is I think it’s a good thing to connect what one is actually doing (I’m in no shape to play sports, but once was, liked that, resent not being able to, no I can’t fix it or I would have, and one does what one can) with entertainment. Write. Draw. Play. Interact at any level of interaction available, and strive for the next.

Next: What’s Next For the Olympics? Monopoly or Scrabble?


I heard a little from the testimonies the girl gymnasts gave in court to the perv Dr. Nassar…

Chilling stuff.

Hey, if you have a young daughter or son, tell them not to let anyone touch their private parts, to trust their instincts and yell or make a scene if some procedure is making them uncomfortable.

Just saying…


What has me spooked is I have felt uncomfortable with gymnast interviews for a while. I had no clue it could be this systemic coming from one person.

Is burning at the stake still an option?



A good idea I think.


40 to 175 years in prison


I am weirdly excited for the Olympics this year for the first time in a long time, despite it being a non-basketball Olympics.