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That could be me, next game. Broncos and Bengals. Lotsa orange.



(Translation: a win in overtime!!)


What was that? What WAS that whole thing? Ermegard, and now here come the Broncos.

I dunno who should be unhappier, Giants fans or Chiefs fans. A win, yeah. But the injury list will tell the tale.

This is a day when I fully realize how horribly bad I would be at fantasy football. Most of my guys are on the DL.


For their 22nd turnover this season, Brock Osweiler presented an interception in the end zone that was carried back for 100 yards ending on the half-yard line.

I love baseball.


Why do think the Texans got rid of Osweiler?

And speaking of the Texans, they actually won today. What a pleasant surprise.


I saw Osweiler “play” for the Texans. Yep, same fellow. What we have here is a failure to quarterback. Failure. To quarterback!


NASCA’s origins are from Southern bootleggers who used their mechanical skills to avoid the law. They wanted to see who could make and drive the fastest car and set up races to find out.


And one of them was the spittin’ image of Richard Pryor!





He couldn’t do that again if he tried. :smile:



OK Back to GOAT…

Some will say that the GOAT is an athlete with the best stats of a given sport. I have to say that my view is that athlete who can transcend his era and excel in the others.

I heard that Jim Brown for his size and running speed, if he was in his prime now would dominate the NFL and in any era as the greatest running back. As for Tom Brady being the greatest QB of all time, it is a toss up with him, Peyton, Bradshaw, Montana, Unitas, Fouts, etc. but the football played years ago was different. Would Brady or Peyton have dominated in the 60’s or 70’s? Hard to say.

The same can be said for Jerry West in basketball back in the day with the Lakers given his height. I know many would say Jordan but the old players before him said if he played back then he would be like Dr. J.

As for baseball, even the critics admit that some of the old records are distorted because of segregation at the time. Babe Ruth did hit a lot of HRs but it would have been nice if he got a chance to play against some of those elite Negro League pitchers like Satchell Page. The same with the black slugger Josh Gibson who never played in the majors, he would have given Ruth a run for his money. Segregation has a lot to answer for.

But it is all subjective so…


Jonah Lomu.

Hands down changed the way rugby was played and helped usher it into the professional era.

Lomu was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a serious kidney disorder in 1995, and the disease had a significant impact on his playing career and wider life.
He continued to play with the condition unknown to his team mates and produced some of the greatest performances in rugby history

By 2003 he was on dialysis and in 2004 underwent a kidney transplant.

He passed away unexpectedly on 18 November 2015 after suffering a heart attack associated with his kidney condition age 40.



King James is a refreshing change, eh?



This is the Sports thread; why are you posting something about cricket?




Oh yeah? Well, the Rockies just got Chris Ianetta back from the Snakes on a two-year deal!