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What may happen is fewer people play the sports with the high head injury risk.

All it will take is a few parents to test their kids and see something for them to pull them out of the sport.


That’s already happened. Kids aren’t playing football like they used to. My kids won’t be playing football at all. The NFL are silly for delaying things as much as they have, although they have tried to reduce hits and made incremental progress towards making the game safer.


Like I said, I agree with the gist of what Jim says. You can have an entertaining contact game without launching into the air for what is essentially a headbutt between helmets. As we know the helmets protect against fractures but not concussion which is caused by impact of the brain hitting the skull.

Tackle around the waist, it’s the game your grandad used to watch.

I’m 100% behind making games safer but also with the proviso no game is safe. I’ve seen a soccer player snap his leg literally in half and another have to be revived from pretty much death after a heart attack.

The NFL slowness to react is a problem. I was listening to a rugby podcast today and they have their issues but they now take anyone even remotely suspected of concussion off the pitch and they cannot return until they pass a long list of tests. This is new and came in over the last two years. In the case of a recent Scotland international player that took 7 weeks.

They commented they watched an NFL game last week and the guy was clearly knocked out and came in on the next play.


I would add that a CTE test also has benefits outside of sports. It could be very helpful to people who have been in accidents and the like.


The Seahawks will probably face discipline for that action - it’s caught the attention of everyone and they clearly broke the rules.

During the early days of football players used to die from playing. Severe bodily injuries were common too. They have made progress, but the trouble they’re facing is a fundamental change to what the game is, and a sport run by old white men isn’t one that’s going to change quickly. Which is why I think NFL has peaked and will start to slowly erode.


Low tackles also potentially make a more exciting game as your hands are free to pass the ball on. More emphasis on skills as you say.


Interestingly the challenge and pushback will come from the players. They’ve been trained to tackle a certain way from the time they were young teenagers, and a new style of tackle will render some of them obsolete. I can understand why so many would push back not to change the style of game, making progress harder when you seek their input.



pointless British guy anecdote time

I have now been playing football for 15/16 years. Two years ago our defensive coordinator introduced what he called “Seahawks Style Tackling” as a way to protect us but also bring down the ball carrier more successfully even in a 1-1 situation.
What he meant by this was rugby tackling with a huge emphasis on wrapping and rolling above impact. Instead putting your head across the body you were to put it behind the player, wrap and the slide down the body rolling as you did essentially ensnaring there legs and bringing them down. It was highly successful.
Accept I just couldn’t teach myself to do it, the positioning was wrong, I felt weaker and less effective. Coupled with this the muscle memory my body has of traditional football style tackling meant I just gave up on it. No one minded if, in a game, I went through the old mechanics if I was still making tackles for a loss even if I was being shouted at in training.

This is why I can see current players being resistant to some of these changes.
They are just so used to doing things a certain way and while the Seahawks spearheaded this new method of tackling they were also being hailed as the “Legion of Boom” for Big traditional bone-rattling tackles.


I wouldn’t apologise for being British Chris, you actually play the game right now which is more than most (or probably any) of us could claim at this moment.


I was reading about a drop off in Formula One but statistically this article says Nascar has an even bigger decline.


I’ve always wondered how racing can be that huge.
To me it seems like a highlight reel on the news kind of thing. Maybe some of their fans came to the same conclusion.


This is probably the biggest tell:

Many of the drivers racing in their stead are young and lightly experienced. The hope is that this will appeal to millennial viewers, a demographic Nascar struggles to attract.

The younger generations are not following in their predecessors footsteps on many things. They are backing new and/or different things. We are in a period of transition.


The article author does mention what Jim and I always say, personalities drive sport as much as anything. The quarterback clashes, Borg v McEnroe etc.

It’s why as much as the purists mocked it the intros to the F1 race in Texas rightly played on that, even if Vettel as a typical stoic German didn’t really want to play along. That may not matter, fire and ice works too which is why Rush was a compelling film.


It’s a great live event and they go to places that don’t have good sports teams. Plus they seem to have pandered to the south in a way other sports didn’t. For me it’s another one of those sports that’s really about a soap opera among big star drivers rather than the racing itself, but there’s not the same names as there used to be as corporate came along and cleaned up all the warts that made it interesting.


Plus, there’s a lot of people who like to drive real fast.

Or, at least, see somebody else drive real fast.


It just ended, no? Following a product tweak from Ferrero:

Despite the ban, CNN reports that Kinder Surprise has been available here and there on the “black market” in the US … which is adorable when you think about it.

But it seems our Yankee friends are in luck. Fortune reports that America is getting a different version of the Kinder Surprise that complies with the FDA’s regulations.

In 2018, Ferrero International will release the “Kinder Joy” in America. Unlike the Kinder Surprise it has two distinct, sealed halves. One half contains the mystery toy, and the other half is filled with chocolate, milk-crème, and chocolate wafer bites. This tweak of having the toy and chocolate packaged in separate sections makes this version of the Kinder egg adhere to the FDA regulation.


On this note RE the tackling

Football, proper football, not rugby with helmets, managed to outlaw the tackle from behind pretty quickly by making it a straight red in most cases - obviously because of the risk of serious injury.

You very rarely see one now, and that’s worldwide.

These things can be done but as you say it takes the dinosaurs ruling the game to actually get their arses in gear and be decisive about it.


So far, watching KC/Giants, saw the coolest interception by KC (sorry, Jerry and New Yawkers) at about the 2-yard line stealing a TD. In 2nd perfectly easy throw, dropped. What’s with the Giants? They look outright clumsy.