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The Sports Thread


What a game of baseball! This series is living up to last years World Series!


I do believe I may have suffered major trauma. That was outrageous! Some inconsequential football, and then … that. Another “what the hell was that?” game.

Tomorrow. Chavez Ravine. Cool and damp (the other side of L.A.). Verlander. Hill. Again. Like Game One.

There’s a song I think still fits.




I love it that Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend on national television!



What can I say? Great baseball! The Astros deserved it, they had just that much more hunger! Good for Houston, the city, too! Party hearty!

Next year everybody’s going to be gunning for them.

Personally just a tinge disappointed, but it feels right!

Congratulations of the first team World Series win!


Given what Houston and Puerto Rico have gone through recently, the Astros win was much needed and appreciated.



Jesus, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away in Houston! This looked like the year the Texans might have had an outside chance.


I honestly didn’t think this was going to be THE year for them before it started. I figured this season would be everybody finding their grove and coming together. I saw next year the better shot.

But with Watt and Watson out for this season, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK…


There you go AGAIN! At least you have something that looks like a team. We had one, us Broncos people. Then, all of a sudden, whack! Blam! Shitload of interceptions and the whole team turned into teenaged boys.

And. you complain!


And btw the Rockies are for real! We kick Little Jonny Gray’s ass into shape (I really want to go all Clockwork Orange on him with the Randy Johnson films) we be fine. Look at Charlie Blackmon and Arenado and the rest. Odds are Carlos Gonzales is off to a team who needs a great player and now age and wisdom, and has the massive, massive wallet to afford him. Maybe a middle relief guy and a close look at Holland and endurance thereof.

Lots of teams did really well this year, and were fun to watch. The Marlins, Yanks, Orioles, Red Sox, heck even the Pirates for a bit. Some lameness, not much. Cool stories. Landmarks and Firsts. A fine season!

Now, who wants a Darvish? Going cheap!


He played for the Astros in 1998 before he went to Arizona. It always irked me that he left.


I’ve experienced a randy johnson on a few occasions.



That’s even better when you’re a Big Unit.


Some people on Twitter pissed that Verlander ditched the Astros parade to marry Kate Upton:^tfw&^tfw&

And then there was this guy:


I’d skip a parade for Kate Upton myself. :wink:


Kate Upton > baseball

Plus, Kate and I share a love for boxers.


What about a Magic Johnson?