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It is, she was allowed to play as part of a team and there is an exception in the rules based on that. However the rules didn’t extend to if one of the girls actually won the contest outright as opposed to just helping towards the team score.


Ah, ok. It wasn’t clear to me, probably because I have no idea how golf matches are organised :smiley:

It makes the whole thing even more bizarre, really.


It does seem a case of girls can take part but by jove we can’t have them winning.


If you click through to the source article rather than the Guardian’s badly written half take it paints a much more reasonable picture of the situation. Of course that doesn’t get clicks and fuel peoples daily outrage machine.


"Girls playing on a fall boys’ team cannot be entered in the Boys Fall Individual Tournament. They can only play in the Boys Team Tournament. If qualified, they can play in the spring Girls Sectional and State Championships.”

I mean, it’s a clearer picture, but I wouldn’t by a long chalk call it reasonable.


“Girls can’t win the individual bit of the competition even if they’re the best players on the course, because them’s the rules, ner-ner!”

Edit: I’m glad you made me read the source article, though, because it let me read this:

Ciolino, who was awarded the first-place trophy, offered his to Nash, but she declined to accept it.

My faith in sportsmanship* is restored :+1:

. * Yes I know, I said sportsmanship :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure it’s an LPGA issue. If golf were sex neutral most women wouldn’t have careers, like with tennis. So they have their own competitions, tournaments and rules based on sex. It can be debated if women should have their own leagues or if they should compete equally with men, but pretty much all sports separates men from women.


It depends a little though because many sports take a different approach at junior or amateur levels. I’ll be watching a kids mixed touch rugby tournament tomorrow even though mixed teams at a professional adult level would never happen. Soccer does it similarly too.
Mixed tennis is a senior event.


Next thing you know, they’ll be wearing pants, and wanting the vote!!


This is so sad.


Tonight! My Dodger boys kickin’ ass in Tex-ass!

C’mon, @Todd! Neither one of us is going to get any richer no matter who wins. (My ship went down with Jon Gray’s giving up five runs by the second.) It’s gonna be a helluva game - like the first two!

Heard the dome might be left open to the Autumn air, as it’s all purdy right now. Reminds of, was it the Hubert Humphrey dome? Twins? , caught a sudden storm with the roof open. Only rain delay inside a dome I remember.

Today and tomorrow it’s baseball, anything can happen. I see a very serious Sunday coming up. First time to hit 4 wins again .

Meanwhile, the Broncos are going to be eaten alive for a couple of weeks, so chuckle at that!


Around game time, it should be in the 50s. A stark difference from LA two days ago!

Both teams have been playing fantastic baseball. I hope it continues to be a great series.

Go Astros!


And away we Go DODGERS!


Breaking news!!!


A red card! That’s taking the piss!


Should have been yellow?


Well, Todd, I hope you are happy.
I hope you are very, very happy.


Todd always wanted to see a player sent off for having a piss?


More like the whole Dodgers team were taking the piss last night.


I wonder how long the goalie debated what to do and how long he tried to hold it before he finally decided to piss in front of thousands of people.

I hope he enjoys his new found fame.


I am pleased.

One more item off the bucket list!