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Drivers are shown off to the crowd at the track before every race in the driver’s parade where they’re also interviewed. They’re also interviewed before and after every practice session, every qualifying and every race and that’s not even including press conferences, channel specific coverage and the open access to their radio transmissions. There’s no way they’re anonymous. Even someone like Brendon Hartley, who’s only doing that one race, was far from anonymous.

The other problem is that the time it took cut into the driver’s pre-race prep - they were standing around in the heat for 10 minutes and then had to hurry to their cars. It also removed drivers from being available to broadcasters when they usually do interviews on the grid, which is often when you get drivers at their most candid and get an insight into how they and their cars are immediately before the race.


A load of that is only on TV. I’ve been to two grands prix and it can be quite remote.

I don’t see the problem, if there’s a timing issue then just start proceedings 10 minutes earlier. Formula 1 has been on a downward trend in attendances and TV ratings for a while now. I think some new ideas aren’t a bad thing.


I turned on the World Series last night, heard Joe Buck’s voice, and turned it off.

I do have to agree with Todd that the Yankees are always the favorite. Just like the Patriots now. There are no underdog stories involving the New York Yankees.


There’s no problem and it’s a good thing I think. I guess some fans just don’t like change. All sports need to be doing what they can to sell the personalities to fans. So many of them are losing fans now, I think the thrill of watching the sport itself has worn off now that we can consume all sports at all times. Formula 1 benefits from being a personality driven, soap opera type sport. Doing more with that feels like an obvious good thing.

A wise choice. I don’t know who he blew to get the success he’s had, but he’s a terrible commentator and a pretty hate-able person.


His last name is Buck. His dad was one of the all time greats up there with Harry Carey and Vin Scully.
and he works for Fox. Fox seems to go for the hate-able types.


Dodger 3, Astros 1.

103ºF at game time - hottest game ever (and a bit too typical of L.A. for me.)

Verlander for Houston tonight. Odds are strong for Houston tonight. If the Dodgers win, it will be a severe psychological blow the Stros may not overcome.


Feels like a must win game for Houston tonight, even though it shouldn’t be.


They come home for the next three games. They have been doing very well at home.


Perfectly proper to phrase that in the past tense, old chap.


“It ain’t over till it’s over.”

  • Yogi Berra


There was actually an academic analysis I saw of it once with snooker of all sports. When it hit its highest popularity in the 80s people were attracted by the rather eccentric cast. They even managed to make a theme out of Steve Davis having a boring personality. After a while and the prize money increasing on the back of that they were replaced by some very earnest and dedicated young men who did nothing but play snooker, they were techically better but very bland. Only Ronnie O’Sullivan kept up the interest as he’s a bit nuts and ridiculously talented if indisciplined.

I remember the brief surge in interest in NFL in the UK in the mid 80s, it was based almost entirely around William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry.

In F1 Lewis Hamilton does have a personality and story (first black driver, gets into spats, dated a Pussycat Doll) but mostly is presented sat behind a desk discussing tyre wear. I understand that’s what the real dedicated fans of the sport want most of all but it’ll likely end up in a dwindling audience.


This is why the NBA is dominating right now. Loads of great personalities, and they’re good at keeping ex players active. The most entertaining show on TV is the TNT NBA show.

For the NFL, they’ve been hurt in losing Manning, but one Brees, Brady and Rogers go there’s such blandness left that I think the sport will fall quickly.


Giancarlo Stanton made noise. So did Charlie Blackmon (Chuck Nazty) and Nolan Arenado of my Rockies. Lots of good baseball stories! That may be part of it, right now MLB is low on truly outrageous personalities. But, don’t worry. There are always a couple of lunatics in the minors!


This is a cute story.

The player he sent the 5 quid to is probably on around $30,000 a week or so as an average salary at that level. I hope he does something nice for him in return.



That was one long, intense game last night! Dodgers lost at home, which I expected, but Verlander was not that involved, which I did not expect! But what tension! What skills! Even a couple of goofy blunders and tongue-faces to remind us it’s a game. It was in the high 90’s all through the game, so I’m sure everyone is exhausted and dehydrated.

Something I’ve preached for years, learned from the masterful Dennis Eckersley. If you have a “lights out” relief pitcher for the 9th? Better have someone to back him up. Always. It is, after all, baseball!



There doesn’t seem to be much interest in golf around here (quite right, it’s a rubbish sport :wink: ) but this story might be of interest anyway:

There’s often been debates about separate women’s sporting events, with the usual conclusion being that women aren’t physically equal to men so it’s for their own good that their events are segregated.

Now it seems there is a sport where they can actually beat men, and they’re still being segregated :confused:


As is always the case in these situations the first question (full disclosure I haven’t read the article and as such I am unaware of subterfuge was employed.) is Why was she allowed to enter?


That’s not clear even if you read the article :confused: