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I hate the Dodgers on principle. Going all the way back to childhood and the 77 and 78 WS, then moving to COLO and following the Rockies. That said, Mr Gross is being a bit obnoxious and pushing me towards rooting for the Dodgers, which i would not have even contemplated just a few weeks ago.


City Boy here grew up on Dodger Blue and the dulcet tones of Vin Scully. I’ve spent more time with Vinnie than I have with my family, and that might be a good thing! Now, these here league-hopping Astros have been a pain in my patootie for just about as long as I recall. Not as bad as nasty San Francisco or the pesky Padres, but that B-era was quite annoying.

And I hate Astroturf!


MLB could have had the Yankees and the Cubs in the World series, now they get Houston and LA. Ratings I’m sure will tank as a result, and 90% of the country won’t care who wins. It must be so frustrating running a sport at times.


The robber barons in NYC were getting all ready to scalp some tickets at megabucks each, and Houston took them right out of the equation.

LA and Houston have both had spectacular years, and so have a good number of other teams. My Rockies look better than they have since Helton retired. Miami made noise. The Indians were solid as could be. The Royals had all sorts of troubles and still ended up over .500. The Padres appropriately took their beatings like grown-ups. The Nationals caused all sorts of misery.

And, yet, the sports segment on the news is led by the Broncos looking like less than a high school scrub team. The reality is that Denver has the most consistent sell-outs since opening. Dodger Stadium is usually sold out. So are many of the major parks. And that’s for 162 games a year, not twelve.

I was an insane Dodger fan when we won in 1988 with the most unlikely team ever. (That was the one with Gibson’s homer.) This team is very different in personality, but so very similar in accomplishments and the shape of games.

Other than Verlander going to kill them, this should be a Series in 5.


The Cubs are no longer special. After breaking their epic losing streak last year, they’re now just another MLB team. They were the last great story in baseball and now it’s been told.

The Yankees are the Yankees. They’ve won before and will no doubt win again. They’re not special either. They have no great story and haven’t for decades.

I really don’t know enough about the Dodgers to comment on them. I know it’s been a few decades since they had a shot at the Pennant.

The Astros were losing 100+ games per season for a couple of years starting in 2013. Now they have a chance to win the World Series. An interesting story but nothing compared to the 2016 Cubs.

In a sense, baseball is kind of over. Thank Cubs! :wink:


My, have we come to loggerheads! I think the NFL, as it is now, is toast, in a decade more at most. Baseball is consistent for a whole lot of years. There are fewer concussions. Someone all by themselves can pick up a stick and hit a rock with it. Fairly universal. The rise of soccer in the USA will be led by women. Basketball, hockey and Lacrosse have all found their niches. Conflict in society is reflected by the popularity of football. Unity in society is reflected by the enjoyment of baseball.

Gotta take the long view.

And if Puig and Granderson buckle down and play like adults, this is gonna be a killer Series!


I think baseball has now hit the plateau stage with the Cubs win last year. It will be consistent with an occasional peak and valley.

While I don’t think football will go away in our life times, I can see it diminish far more in the years to come.


They’re the top two brands in MLB!

Granted the Dodgers are in the top 5, but Houston are a snore.


That still doesn’t mean people will watch them today. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people buy Yankees and Cubs merchandise than actually watch the games.


I’d trust that a bit more if they’d included the Orioles and dropped the Oriels.


And it looks like somebody typed a whole lot more than I did.


Last years World Series game 7 was maybe the greatest baseball game of all time. Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it better. That said, I don’t see baseball doing anything other than declining in popularity. Hockey, football, baseball, golf and Nascar are all on the downward slope. Only NBA is on the rise:


It will be interesting to see where various sports are in 20 years.

I have read where Millennials are golfing far less than previous generations.

As knowledge and publicity regarding CTE and brain injuries continues to grow and spread, full contact sports like football and combat sports may start to see serious declines.

I think baseball will continue to trundle along.

Soccer still has a long way to go to become a serious part of the American sports consciousness. Millennials and succeeding generations played youth soccer so they will probably be the ones to bring it up to the levels of other sports.

What’s going to be really fascinating to see is what the future holds for the numerous billion dollar plus stadiums that are in major cities when the sports they host decline.


I don’t know if soccer will ever make it. It’s just not suited for the stat heavy, highlight heavy, commercial heavy American market. NFL is doomed like boxing. It’s only done as well as it has due to fantasy, and that’s getting impossible to play now with how teams are structured. I don’t hold out much hope for baseball.

Sports needs personalities, NBA is a perfect consumer product now. I can see it dominating in 20 years. I think the other sports need to be reinvented for the modern age.




Not surprising that sports have unequal gender reach, if only men can wear caps and women have to wear pony tails.


They have the next face of baseball.
The Baby Bombers are a great story.

decades? Did you forget this guy and his teams

Morton and Mccullers had one good game and now you think that your team are so great. Be grateful for those crappy seasons. It allowed to draft that team that is doing so well.


The Yankees have always been able to spend big.

The great stories involving the Yankees are when an underdog team beats them in the race for the Pennant.


then this year was not a great story because the Yankees were the underdog. the Astros came into the playoffs as the #1 seed, not the Yankees.


Not a great story for the Yankees but a fairly decent one for the Astros after having a couple of 100+ loss seasons only a few years ago.

Ultimately, the Yankees represent the Establishment. They have the following which are all MLB records:

  • 27 World Series Titles (the most recent is 2009)
  • 40 AL Pennants
  • 18 East Division Titles

They really aren’t that interesting anymore.


to you. and thats ok. Everyone has their own opinion. I live in Yankee territory so people around here are very interested.
Also, the Baby Bombers are an attractive topic for the sports media. they are going to be a major story next year.

this is my last response. don’t the board admin to come down and scold me about monopolizing the thread.