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Football bad. And too many injuries.
Baseball good.
That is all.


Well, the Giants finally won a game, so not ALL bad. :slight_smile:


I may - may - have been one of few who predicted that. The Bronco’s fatal flaw is arrogance. They had a bye week, and everybody was yabbering about how NY had no chance. Al Michaels put it perfectly at the start when he called NY a “wounded animal”. I even posted that nothing fights more fiercely than a wounded critter. Game starts - here come the Giants and some folks back from vay-kay in Bronco suits. This is why I do not attend football games. At this point I would have wandered onto the field in the vain hope of waking a player.

Now, I done sported meself yesterday. I saw Aaron Rogers get his clavicle snapped. (Not pretty, but he dealt with it.) This stopped the Packers and gave the Vikings something precious and rare - a win. Then there was whatever the hell went on between the Chiefs and Steelers. Two of my best friends heavily invested, on for KC, one for Ben and the boys.

I needed a palate-cleanser. Badly! So thank Grud for baseball! After watching the Verlander gem the other day, it was good to get back to my Dodgers. They tried to throw their Lackey at us again; I guess their Minion was busy. Tied at one each. Bottom ninth, the Ginger Dynamo hits a dinger, three-run walk-off homer.

I slept like a log!



It hasn’t happened in years. The NFL, MLB, MLS and NHL are all active tonight!

Sport yerselves silly!


What, no NBA?!


The Knicks and Bulls are playing tonight so you could argue there’s no NBA tonight.




Yankees, you had one damn job!


And they FAILED!!!



The Astros deserve the pennant, but the young Yankees team deserves notice for actually making it this far against all predictions and expectations.

And Carlos Beltran will always be a New York Met, so I’m thrilled to see my team in the World Series :smirk:


In 2005, he was with the Astros when they went to the World Series for the first time.

Once an Astro, always an Astro. :wink:


Michael Buffer was at the US grand prix today, introducing all the drivers before the race and you have to see it. It was absolutely abysmal. He mispronounced half the names, the drivers all got ridiculous nicknames. They all had to come out of a tunnel and walk between lines of cowgirl cheerleaders. Vettel and Hamilton had to stand either side of the championship trophy, like a boxing weigh-in. It was like the ghost of WCW possessed the entire sport for ten minutes.


C’mon, @Todd, can’t you throw me a bone here?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mets > Yankees


Los. Angeles. Dodgers.

1988 and 2017.


I only caught the tail end of it. There was a long pause as he tried to pronounce and promptly failed to announce Vettel’s home town that caught my attention.


The full thing is up on youtube, if you think you can handle the entire majesty of it.


I liked it, Americans are good at sports presentation and it’s long been noted that personalities drive a lot of interest in any sport. Why not introduce them with a bit of hyperbole rather than most being rather anonymous figures?

I was slightly surprised reading the F1 comments on a report on the race that a lot of the fans there quite liked it too, I expected them to be more stuffy and dismissive.

(Getting the pronunciation right would help though, that can’t be denied).


This is hilarious.

I can’t embed the video but it is well worth a click.