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to @alx and @njerry - there’s a quiz on whether one is Minnesota or New York tonight. I got:

You’re all about the Big Apple. From the bustle of Broadway to all the food you could ever eat, there’s no city quite like it.

So there! :laughing:



The US failed to qualify for the World Cup tonight. My Twitter feed and some of my friends are apoplectic but I think it’s kind of funny and fitting.


To be honest they qualify as often as they do because they are in the weakest conference. It’s generally only them and Mexico that are any good and get through almost by default. A lot of the Caribbean teams get weakened as they get offers from the UK and change nationality.

As a neutral it’s refreshing to see one of the other CONCACAF teams up their game.


I think it’s a disgrace the US can’t qualify for the World Cup given the popularity of youth soccer, the population size and resources available. The USSF needs to rebuild into a competent entity. The USA should be competing for the cup by this point, not making an ass of themselves.


Everyone keeps telling me the current hottest young player in global soccer is a kid from New Jersey, but I don’t know. I feel like I hear that every 7 or 8 years since Freddy Adu.


The soccer/footie programs are quietly growing on university campuses. I got clued in that some schools are recruiting, seems more among female players. The programs are getting some attention. I think when American football - the NFL specifically - endures its fatal implosion that it will be replaced by running around on the grass.


It is really considering their opposition.

Woeful is right, I am gutted Wales missed out by a point and we have 3 million people and lost just one game, the European and South American groups are brutal (Argentina just scraped through and they have the best player in the world in Lionel Messi).

USA have 300m people and lost 4 games against pretty average to poor opposition. It is an easy section so that makes missing out even more unforgivable.


The good news is, next summer I don’t have to pretend that I like soccer. :slight_smile:


To be fair a lot of those teams only have to face one opponent, while we had to face both Trinidad and Tobago at once.


The man in question is 19 yr old Christian Pulisic not an undeveloped 14 yr old like Adu. He scored 5 goals in qualifying which is amazing. He is also starting for the #1 team in the Bundesliga. so this current hottest young player is actually delivering.

The unfortunate thing for Pulisic is the team around him needs to be blown up. All their “stars” and coaches are over the hill and the team needs to be overhauled and start over. they need kids like Aaron Judge(who picked Baseball even though he had football size) to say that they would rather play Soccer over the other sports. Maybe with parents steering children away from football, soccer will get more athletically gifted participants. Well Heeled sponsors with lots of money to spend would help too. but until the talent pool and the money increase substantially, what happened yesterday will continue to happen.


You can’t really argue with that, if he scored 5 goals but they lost 4 games then the defence are not up to the job.

I’m used to that as a Wales fan. We’ve always had world class players for all the time I’ve been watching, Ian Rush, Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale etc but usually surrounded by 3-4 decent players and the rest as lower league journeymen. That probably won’t change much as we are so small as a country.

In any team sport you can’t insert a superstar and expect great results, they can’t carry teams.



And Tobago.

Credit where it’s due!


Lucky you. I still have to pretend to be convinced England will win, and then surprised when they fail at some early stage of the competition.


They will go out on penalties, like they do every time. :smile:




Oh man. The young man in me loves to see that, but 40-something Sean thinks of concussions and the like (because we’re smarter now than ever before, right?).

Still, that was quite the punch…


Heck of a punch. He actually seems to have hit the dude in the helmet. Wonder what would have happened if he popped him in the jaw?


Pop, audibly so…


There’s gonna be yammer, but the kid in the bottom of the 4th played it perfectly; he was behind the line and did not interfere with the play. Some may say he was in the way, but, no, fair play.

That’d be Yankees/Astros.