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Don Baylor, first Manager of the Rockies, passed last night at 68.



Five years after London: What’s left behind after the flame goes out

The 2012 Summer Games were supposed to bring London and Britain, well just London really, to new financial and athletic heights. What’s left behind? A city and country shrouded by corruption, debt and broken promises



You’d think they’d get on a call and pledge the same amount each.


Les Alexander is about to get paid. I think he was always going to be top dog just to rub it in the others’ faces.



Yeah that was confirming a done deal really as everyone else dropped out of the bidding and Paris and LA struck a deal not to compete head on and take turns. It is a sign of how the perceived value of hosting the games has gone down compared to the years of 6 cities fighting tooth and nail for it.

I think the huge investment and white elephants created for the likes of Beijing, Athens and Rio have had an impact. London seems to have been the most successful in using existing infrastructure mostly and finding a use for the new stadium as a football ground. These are two big established cities using existing stadia for the main events.


It’s important that you should all know that my partner is a South African woman.
Things are quite tense in the household right now.
Should I fail to post again in the next 48hours please contact the Scottish police authorities and alert them to my plight


While all the other action was going on (wore out my eyeballs on baseball today; Dodgers on TV, more on the PC) my Colorado Rockies finally had the game they needed, frying the Friars 16-0. @Rocket - I think Pat Valaika and Gerardo Parra have also been having great seasons, not in the noisy way, but by settling in and becoming just steadier and steadier. Pat hitting a grand slameroo tonight kinda sealed that opinion.

The season seemed clear at the All-Star Break. No longer! NL Centreal is still up for grabs!

And @Jake - sorry about Tennessee. The important part is Soph began to grok it.


It’s all good. Went and watched Zimmerman blast two taters over the Dodgers last night. Made me smile.


Baseball is nothing but organized grab-ass.


It’s slap-ass, not grab-ass:


Still more fun to watch than the NFL!


For all of its many faults, the NFL is more exciting.

Baseball is more fun live though.


Was more fun when we were kids. Now? Boring.


I meant to watch, not play. But that’s mostly because it’s a social thing: have some beer with your friends in nice weather. Out can do that at football games too but with baseball you get to socialize in the tent to thirty minutes between the action.


It’s my main contact with my extended family. Tim has owned season tickets at Dodger Stadium forever, so he, wife, daughter, mom all attend at various times. Mom is down with a fractured hip, but this Dodger season has helped keep lines of communication open. (That lot needs words pried out of them, unlike loquacious li’l me.)


Whew. Rockies clinch Wild Card due to St. Louis coming up with 7 runs, beating the Brewers.

I feel better now.

Next Wednesday is a one-game playoff against the Diamondbacks.