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Liam never had that much talent


I was not trying to say you were being contrary. I’m sorry if it came across that way. I did not like the hands on head comment. IMO, a better comparison might be running backwards.

this is one of the arguments i had trouble with during the Olympics. Maybe I’m sheltered, but I don’t think it costs anything to learn how to swim. There are ponds, public pools, and schools everywhere. Do other countries not take advantage of access to water to learn how to swim? why not? Gar, you must have access to water, are you not going to teach your children to swim? just for safety purposes, it helps.

Besides, Phelps is better because he races a shark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a swimming pool at my condo and my kids already swim way better than I do.


I think if you’re gifted athletically when you’r a kid you focus on professional paying sports, then track, then swimming, then field sports. So there’s lot of potential world class swimmers who are playing NBA or NFL or MLS instead. Whereas for running you can do those sports and still show up for the track meet.


Not everyone has access to ponds, public pools and schools. Everyone does have access to a place to run.


Which makes a huge difference to participation rates. One reason why football (soccer) is way ahead on that stat, even in the US where it isn’t watched as much. George Weah, a Liberian who won world footballer of the year in the early 90s, learned to play with a ball made of tied up rags.


In fairness if MLS paid like the other professional sports the US would kick ass like they do on almost every other sport. Those leagues draw a significant share of young athletes.


They get surprisingly good crowds at the games too. I saw an article on it a while back and the Seattle team’s average gate was higher than half the EPL teams.
The money is all in TV though, Sky literally pay billions for the EPL rights.


Greatest sports person is a difficult question. It would have been Lance Armstrong for me…:slight_smile: If only, well, you know.


Because he bumped you in line that one time at the coffee shop?


Armstrong’s biggest issue is being an asshole. Everyone else on the tour was doing the same PEDs he was, they just weren’t such jerks to everyone around them.


Is ESPN doomed? Teletubbies is now beating them in ratings.


Is Tony Winky suiting up for Offensive Line for the Patriots this fall? If not, I expect ESPN to come roaring back in about 6 weeks.


I agree it’s a bit hyped. Midweek sports news in the off season. I can watch almost any sport on TV but that’s a step too far for my sanity. :smile:


Just FYI, right along through now, the Rockies and the Pirates do not like each other. There was a baseball fight (e.g., men standing on grass looking miffed) after a few too many HBP.

Very entertaining.


Possibly, but even with football they’re losing customers big time.


The cable companies are being ditched for streaming (quite rightly) and that’s hurt ESPN. I’d agree less people with cable are watching the ESPN filler shows, but they’re godawful so it’s wholly deserved. Their on air talent is woeful.


Interesting as they usually tend to tackle these things in isolation but it makes sense as all 5 have similar hard impacts as part of the game.


Speaking of injuries: