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Oh, absolutely.


If we’re talking talent I would put Pele quite a way behind Maradona and then Best. Pele behaved though and didn’t drink or snort some of his potential away.
I wonder if we’ll see Woods that way long term. I think despite his earlier dominance his legacy will be tarnished if it continues to disappoint.


Woods is done, and as such can’t be the greatest of all time. He lost half his career by being so short lived. I think longevity matters when talking about the greatest ever.

Most talented is different. You can be talented but fuck it up through your own antics. There’s an element of luck in being the greatest - a big amount of things have to go your way. That’s why ultimately only a handful of people can be in the discussion.

The more I’ve thought on this the more I think it’s Usain Bolt.


kaff Pete Rose kaff kaff


I did a quick Google and the first story was that Woods has dropped out of the top 1000 players. Hasn’t won one of the major trophies for 9 years, which is just shy of how long he was dominant (1997 - 2008).


i remember during the Olympics there was a discussion between Phelps and Bolt for best Olympic athlete. If you are going to say Bolt, I will disagree and say Phelps. Phelps is better than Bolt because of Versatility and longevity. Bolt just won sprints. He did not compete in distance or hurdles. Phelps won sprints, distance, and different strokes. Bolt won in 3 Olympics, Phelps won in 5 Olympics. The numbers just support Phelps so much better than Bolt.


I don’t think that statement is correct. However she is certainly the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Couple of reasons; the lack of quality opposition and she’d get beat off the top male tennis players.


For football, Messi is probably the greatest player of all time already.


The event allows that though. Phelps isn’t the only one to do it. He did it better over time but Thorpe and Spitz won those multiple golds over many distances.
To win running sprints and middle distance is impossible as they require different body types.


you don’t think it takes different physicality to swim a 50m as opposed to a 1500m ?

I did not say Phelps was the only one to win those races, I said he did more times and over more Olympics.


Not to such a degree, no. Multiple swimmers have won over those distances. No 100m sprinter has ever even realistically competed at the 800m. It can’t be done.
Added to that are the strokes, maybe if there was a 100m sprint with your hands on your head Bolt would win that too.


now you are just making judgement calls. You are perfectly willing to have your own opinion about this. Like I said, at that time, there was a big discussion about this. My opinion is that the numbers make a difference to me. Also, as I said,

I don’t believe either is the greatest athlete of all time. But I had a problem with the discussion at that time about who was better because people were coming up with ,imo, frivolous reasons to denigrate Phelps and promote Bolt. Numbers don’t lie. I really don’t like the man, but I will say Brady is the greatest QB because the numbers support him.


The distance variation is a great point, as is the 5 Olympics thing. It’s pretty persuasive. My only thought had been that only a select few athletes even focus on swimming - there’s no money in it, it requires access to training resources that can be expensive - it’s got a cost associated with it. Whereas anyone can run in a straight line, and anyone good will ascend to professional competition. So Bolt essentially has outrun everyone on the planet and everyone in human history. The world records say the same for Phelps, but I don’t know if every great athlete has taken up swimming.


Although I don’t know why there’s even a question about this, because the real answer is:

Curt Hennig. He was absolutely perfect. At everything.


I’m not being contrary about it. I’m making a logical argument why the Phelps numbers are so high and could never possibly be achieved by a track runner.
Phelps is an astonishing athlete and a good candidate but you need to take that element on board with the numbers.
Take a look at the huge difference in physique between a sprinter and a 1500m runner. The muscle they need for explosive sprint starts will just weigh them down over middle distances.


Who’s better at doing stuff, Tom Hiddleston or Bill Gates?

(That’s the type of question you all seem to be trying to answer. Though I’m not really sure why :wink: )


Well to my original point, it is all a bit pointless as you are comparing apples to oranges. It’s a bit of fun though.


I’m just disappointed Stephen Hendry hasn’t been brought up yet.


Surely I get some credit for Phil ‘the power’ Taylor? Anyway Ronnie O’Sullivan is better :smile:


Ronnie O’Sullivan is the Liam Gallagher of snooker.