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Yeah, John Inverdale has form for this kind of thing. He’s a tit.


He also made comments when Kate Middleton was watching a rugby game that she was probably struggling with understanding the rules.

I don’t know why he still has a job because even without his inherent sexism he’s a shit presenter.


My Mum saw a classical music concert where he was presenting (for some reason?) some years ago and apparently he kept inserting off-colour humour into the lines he was given to read out. He just seems like that kind of person.

My favourite gaffe of his might be this bizarre example:

I also remember being amused by the clear lack of chemistry between him and Steve Redgrave when they were presenting together.


I’ve never even heard of this before:

I know there are a lot of wheelchair sports around, but pushing a wheelchair on grass, compared with e.g. a basketball court, must take a hell of a lot of effort.

The size of the courts, balls and rackets are the same, but the ball can bounce twice before you hit it and the wheelchairs are bespoke.
British number one, Lucy Shuker says: "The wheels are cambered out at about 22 degrees, they have wheels at the front and back so it means, in theory, you shouldn’t tip out backwards. I’ve got straps around my waist and knee guards which lock me in place."
Geraint Richards, performance director of GB Wheelchair Tennis says the players “literally zoom around the court”.



Houston Rockets player James Harden got a contract extension which all together comes out to $228M.


Now if he can shave off that beard.


And that’s for four years.


But he deserves $57 million a year, doesn’t he? Think of all the lives he will save playing basketball!


The Houston Rockets generate $244 million in revenues a year, the 4th highest of all NBA team. The franchise is worth $1.6 billion but would no doubt sell for even more if put on the market. Bought in 1993 for $85 million.

Harden’s worth it. 29 other franchises would pay him that without a second’s hesitation.


Speaking of the value of the Rockets:

Alexander said he is committed to finding a buyer that will keep the team in Houston.

A new owner would be stupid to move it. Houston is the fourth largest city and probably within 10 years, it will be the third. There is already an existing fan base and infrastructure. I really don’t see a new owner moving the team.


Smart move, particularly if they’re signing Melo. They’d be a top 3 team and real contender for the title. Peak value really.


It’s still a lot of money but to be clear it’s an extension on top of his current contract so it’s $228 million over six years, not four.

However if it makes you feel better he also has a shoe deal worth over $200 million in addition to other endorsements.

You should have practiced more, Jerry.


So in the hyperbole of sports journalism, a writer in the paper today tried to argue that Federer is the Greatest Of All Time thanks to his recent win. Anyone care to support that view?


Greatest of all time tennis player? Clearly. Greatest something else? Dunno.


No, literally that he’s the Greatest Of All Time…in any sport.


I fear Adam Ottavino still wants to be MVP for the Padres.

Unfortunately, he’s pitching for the Rockies.


He’s not ahead of Jordon, Gretzky, Pele or Ali.



I’d agree with Jim on his choices but it’s such an unmeasurable thing it’s hardly worth bothering thinking about too much. It only really serves catchy headlines. How do you define that 18 major tennis titles is better than 18 golf ones?


IMO Federers main problem is tennis is a sport that may not be considered in the upper echelon of sports. How dominant does he need to be to be considered better than the best Footballer, Hockey player, Race Car Driver, etc.( trying to use international sports to avoid discussions about American bias)


It’s all hugely subjective. I would say tennis is one of the most watched sports globally. More than ice hockey but maybe not as rabidly. Then you get team sports v individuals, how athletic they are (if you want a massively dominant sportsman look up Phil Taylor in darts). So you are adding in so many variables.