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Most Valuable Player for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday:
Adam Ottavino, Rockies pitcher.

Did you see that? Did you see that? What the Actual?


@SeanR, @VonDooom and @Rocket:

As a kid, I always had a special place in my heart for the Edmonton Oilers. Houston’s NFL team used to be the Oilers and despite some great players, they could never seal the deal. With Edmonton, I would think, “At least there’s on Oilers team that doesn’t suck.” :smile:


What this article doesn’t mention is that Connor requested less money than what was offered. I heard they originally offered 13.25 mil but he wanted less money. Not sure if it was specifically so they’d have another 700,000 in cap space but people on twitter are calling for Connor for Prime Minister now. lol


Maybe McDavid just thought a $106 million contact felt weird compared to a nice even $100 million?


How nice it must be to ask your employer to take back that last 6 mil.
750K per for 8 years has me retired and on easy street.

I guess Edmonton has to do it, but have to draft and groom your players well (ala Chicago) because you cant hold onto everyone, and a bit of a revolving door has to go on when you lock up a few spots to star money.


Chicago and Pittsburgh are two examples of how to do this correctly. They both have two superstar forwards, at least one superstar D-man, and a good goalie. Most of the other positions have been revolving doors.


I’ve seen players in the NFL and NBA reduce their pay some give more room under the team’s salary cap. They were already getting stupid levels of money so it’s not like they were losing much in the big picture.


See Kevin Durant for news about giving back $


Fuck Kevin Durant.


JJ Watt did it for the Houston Texans.


I wanna see if Jim will give me the same response if I say this:

Tom Brady did it for the Patriots.


Fuck me Tom Brady.

Almost the same response…



Watched the home Run Derby last night and I was amazed at how easy it was for Aaron Judge. The man is a beast. his 1st rd opponent hit 22 hrs but Judge came out, smiled, and crushed 23( and 1 got disallowed because it hit the roof and dropped onto the field. if the roof was not closed it could have been well over 500 ft.), in his 2nd round, he started rooting for his opponent so it would be more of a challenge. He ended up with 4 500 ft HRs while everyone else did not manage one. the host Giancarlo Stanton came closest with a 495 ft HR.


Charlie Blackmon was really humble - how did he do? Didn’t see the derby.


He got screwed by a f’ing dodger. Bellinger’s last homer was measured to be long enough to get him bonus time even though Charlie hit one in the same area which wasn’t considered long enough. Boooo


Fair play to Andy Murray who still seems to be having to remind journalists that women’s tennis exists.

Q: “Andy, Sam is the first American player to reach the semi-final of a Slam since 2009…”

Murray: “Male player.”


I’m pretty sure the dedicated tennis journalist didn’t forget about the Williams sisters.


As professional men of words though they shouldn’t need an athlete who left school at 16 to tell them the correct ones to use. :smile:

(Also, John Inverdale is a twat).