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It’s always amazing how accurate those tweets are.


And here’s the tweet Karl Malone wouldn’t read aloud:

Or it might have been:


I can’t imagine Jimmy Kimmel asking him to read that second one. It’s really funny though.


Warriors Win


Caught a few minutes of the game, and from what I saw the GSW had the edge all along.


Back to Karl Malone, apparently there were more possible tweets


Great to see the Under-20 team doing so well.




That poor bastard. That’s embarrassing.


Soooo any good me want to talk about the British and Irish lions rugby team touring NZ??

No one???

Didn’t think so :stuck_out_tongue:


Golden State is about to sweep the Cavs, but I don’t feel sorry for Lebron. A few years ago, he also conspired with a few other stars to all be on Miami making it a superteam and winning a LOT. So really, Lebron is no better.

As for the Warriors being the GOAT, as usual, it is highly debateable. The Lakers of the early 70’s won 33 games straight, the old Celtics had 7 HOF players on one team, and don’t forget the Jordan Pippen Bulls. The game was also played differently, no guard would move up to do a layup like now without being fouled hard.

I won’t go into a GOAT debate for other sports, but I stand by my definition that the GOAT would have to be able to transcend in any era that a game was played, which is a tall order.


Oh man. Now I’m thinking the rumors are true.

Vancouver trades Chris Tanev to Dallas for the 3rd overall pick (plus Vancouver has accept one of two goaltenders with horrible contracts).
Then draft that guy.

Seriously, he has to be injured. How can he be that highly ranked?


Still looks to be the Nationals versus the AL Houston Astros come WS time, and that is simply so very wrong in so many ways. Delighted with both my Rockies and Dodgers. Chad Bettis visited (2nd round of chemo, and while he was on the DL for that he and wife had their first kid), Jon Gray got a haircut and his foot is almost healed.

Question, though. My buddy Brian, former LCS owner, is a big KC fan. KC has gone straight down the tubes since they won the WS. Anyone have a clue why? If it’s “lackadaisical play”, wouldn’t that be the manager?


I would be fine to discuss their win today.


Brilliant defence. Thank god the tour is back on track.

Yeah I was a wee bit premature with that first post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Miqque, the Nationals are not the best team in the NL, don’t be giving them the NL title this early.


Allende gave Cordoba’s Vorterix Radio an interview on Tuesday in which he said “you need to play dirty” to beat big clubs like Estudiantes de La Plata.
“We knew that we had to play dirty against them and I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle,” added the Pacifico defender.
“We know that top division players don’t like contact, they don’t like if we waste time or if we play dirty. So that was the way to do. Football is like that. Football is for the clever,” Allende told Vorterix Radio.

Yeah I somewhat doubt how clever he is when he boasts about it on the radio, he’ll probably be banned for life.



@SeanR and @VonDooom:


maybe he can be the next Theo Fleury?