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Who won the World Cup?

Sweden did.

Who won the Swedish Championship?

My team, HV71, did.

That’s all I’ve got. Only watched one of the games. I’m not telling which one, but I didn’t know the world cup was on until it was over. Go figure. I’m not that into sports.


I hate losing. :rage:


It’s cool. I like winning, so it evens out.




My team, Colorado Avalanche, had one of the most awful seasons ever this year. I started watching the World Championship and was happy to see current Avs (McKinnon & Pickard) and former Avs(O’Reilly, never should have let him go) perform so well for Canada. It was very disappointing to see Canada lose. McKinnon and O’Reilly had very good games in the final but they just could not get it done.:disappointed:


They did perform really good, I’ll say Swedens win was attributed to the goalkeeper, Lundqvist is a monster of a keeper.


I moved to Colorado in 2000. The next Spring, all the fans were putting Avalanche gear away. Ups and downs, like any team!

Meanwhile, I am most happy with my Rockies and my Dodgers. Gonna be an interesting season!


how can you be a Rockies AND a dodgers fan? its like being a Broncos and a Raiders fan. or is it why you were in the Mental Health field? because you have serious schizo tendencies?


I’d guess that was just about right.

If it’s any solace, I really hate the Raiders and Rams.


I’ve been thinking about this. Yeah, I do this. How can I be a Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott fan (but not yet sold on being a big WW fan?)? Quitely or Hitch? Moorcock or Tolkien? (Martin is starting to edge out the Old Professor in some ways.) Now it turns out two guitar players I like live near each other and are, of course, feuding. Excellent point. Why be of two minds about something when one can be forty-two minds? And not a ploy to prevent closeness - just bloody Ivory Tower personality trying to assert its arrogant ass again! :laughing:


Ok, bad Canadian here, but I was not a believer in the Ottawa Senators until close to the end. Then I believed they really thought they could do it, but the Pittsburgh Penguins scored in double OT to win game 7, and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals (facing the Western Conference Champion **Nashville Predators **).

Next hope is 2018, 25 years after the last Canadian city to win.
Canada’s last Stanley Cup was 1993 (Montreal Canadiens over LA Kings).

since then

1994 - NY Rangers over Vancouver
2004 - Tampa Bay over Calgary
2006 - Carolina over Edmonton
2007 - Anaheim over Ottawa
2011 - Boston over Vancouver

Montreal had 4 in a row, from '76 - '79, but then the NY Islanders had 4 in a row ('80 - '83)
Then 7 straight Canadian (Edmonton '84 & '85, '87 & '88, '90 - Montreal in '86 and Calgary '88 (those two were rematches against each other)).
Pittsburgh (Lemieux) had back-to-back in 1991 and 1992, and then Montreal in 1993.

So after 1993, basically, the Hockey Gods swung the pendulum the other way, big time, enough that a significant amount of people were born after 1993, and only know stories.
Worse if you localize on Toronto; 1967 - cause only 50+ year-olds would remember, and now they’re starting to forget…

taking myself out of the play with that last comment.
have to work in morning, and time for bed, after last beer of course.

Edit: corrected mistake. Predators (had called them something different. Whoops!)


I am not surprised at that post. It happens every year. but, on the bright side, the 2 most exciting young players in the league both play for Canadian teams and add in Gaudreau and you have Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto as teams to watch out for. I think it will happen again soon. I was disappointed when Anaheim beat EDM. I thought we might be seeing McDavid in a conference final. but not this year.

unfortunately though, The numbers game does hurt the Canadian teams. 24 US teams to 7 CAN teams means that on average they have less than 1 in 3 chance of making it.

It may not help that both Gaudreau and Matthews are US born, either :wink:



or the Greatest Of All Time is a tricky debate. First you have to define it. I define it as a player who could play and transcend the sport in any era.

Back in the Super Bowl people were saying that Tom Brady was GOAT but you would have to convince me that he would be able to dominate in football as it was played back in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s debateable and I DON"T WANT TO GET INTO A TOM BRADY DEBATE.

The same goes for basketball with guys like Magic, Bird, Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, etc. Soccer has Pele, hockey has Gretsky

My point is you have to define first what makes a player the GOAT. I made my definition which in context is pretty fair imho.

What is your definition?


Jordan is the GOAT.
Gretzky is the GOAT.
Ruth is the GOAT.
Brady is the GOAT.

There’s no debate to be had for any of those guys. In their eras they won more than anyone. They dominated the other teams. They transcended their spots. They carried their sports. It’s not close.


Pete Rose could have been GOAT, but he didn’t pitch and gambled. Close.


I will just leave my definition right there and let others decide.


This is absolutley true.

I don’t know enough about the other players and their respective sports to confirm or deny the accuracy of your statement, but Gretzky being the best hockey player of all time is without a doubt true.


While I do agree that Gretzky is the hockey GOAT, I feel that I have to point that he did not win another Cup once he stopped being Messier’s teammate and Mess won 2 without Gretzky.

Just Found this on

Football(it is an international list so I am using the international name) and Basketball seem to be the predominant sports.