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Any excuse to get out of that McLaren Honda, I guess.


@SeanR, I thought you might find this interesting:


NHL playoffs.
It wasn’t a complete shock that Calgary got swept by Anaheim, but Chicago getting swept by Nashville was not ever in my realm of thoughts.
Unbelievable, really, but just goes to show anything can happen.

I got some flack (not a lot, but some) from friends for my San Jose over NY Rangers in the Finals prediction, but just as good picks as any I’ve seen (and better than some others…).


Has any more been said or done about the NHL team going in at Las Vegas? I wouldn’t be surprised if the news that the NFL moving a football team there has completely overshadowed things.


The NFL’s Oakland Raiders have been approved to move to Vegas, but will do so in two years. Good to get in first because the NFL will be the top dogs in town.

The Vegas Golden Knights will host the NHL Awards on Wednesday June 21st, and during that program they will announce their 30 selections from the expansion draft (one player from each team).

Two days after that is the NHL draft, and Vegas is slotted 3rd in the draft lottery, which takes place Saturday April 29th, and will establish the first 3 picks (rest fall into place).


Cool! Thank you.


For my British Friends


I would add that not a single member of the Welsh squad has been selected on residency rules. (We have one player born in Tonga but moved to Wales when he was 7 years old and played up through all the age groups and has a stronger Welsh accent than I do).

None of the other three can make the same claim and I think it’s to the detriment of the game and they should move the bar to at least 5 years. I’d be happy they scrap it altogether. Not that New Zealand haven’t taken advantage too, before certain rule changes I remember facing the same players for Samoa in 1991 and the All Blacks in 1995.


I would like to see an Edmonton/Pittsburgh final. I feel like that would be the best thing for hockey. It would generate more interest than any other match.


You are correct gar. Frank Bunce and Walter little were born in nz though before they swapped over :wink:
The eligibility rules are a shambles though. The English spent quite a few years pointing at us and saying we nick players from the Pacific but the stats show there are far more foreign born players in the white jersey.
It’ll be an interesting tour.
Aside from the first outing against a divisional 15 they are up against the nz super rugby teams for the first time and they will have at least 3 months of hard competition under their belt.
I’m expecting at least 3 losses in the non test games.
Probably 2-1 to nz in the tests
Will be cracking stuff though.

Oh we are talking about rugby.
New Zealand vs the British Lions
The Lions are a team that consist of the best of England, Wales,Ireland and Scotland international Rugby Teams.
The lions gather every 4 years to play NZ , Australia and South Africa.
This year it’s NZ then in 4 years it’s South Africa’s turn then Aus
The tour consists of the following

Provincial Union XV
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
Maori All Blacks
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
New Zealand
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
New Zealand
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions
New Zealand
08:35 uk time
British & Irish Lions


Of course, that would be great. The current best player vs the future best player. a grown up Sid the Kid vs Connor. I am also cheering for Toronto and Auston Matthews. Sid vs Ovie has been supplanted by Auston vs Connor as a exciting rivialry to watch.


As to the tour whoever signed off that schedule for the Lions was nuts. It is brutal. Gatland’s tactics are pretty transparent, he’s picked a team of tough nuts who won’t take a step back and I don’t think he has any other choice. They play 3 days after landing and it never lets up. They have absolutely no time to set up any intricate stuff. That provincial 15 will have more prep time as a scratch side.

I think the best hope they have is teams can match the All Blacks quite often and then they pull away in the last 10-20 minutes because they have such strong replacements, with the extra manpower he has they will have similar strength in depth. I expect a series loss too though.


I hope it’s a close series but I think it will be an eye opener for some I’m the uk. I’m a bloody harsh critic when it comes to the AB’s even if they win by 50 points and they don’t have a perfect performance I lose my rag (get angry)
Again hope it’s close but my hopes aren’t high.


I don’t think it’ll be a romp and the All Blacks playing their test players for the provinces means they risk injury too. I think NZ will win and most people do, after all who else has ever won a 3 test or more series in New Zealand (just the '71 Lions)?

Gatland’s squad though is very tough and streetwise and I can’t see them capitulating, I’m seeing them like a good South Africa team, maybe not that nuanced but physical and direct.



This story has a UK bias but it affects athletes all over the world. It seems a very blunt approach, Jonathan Edwards is the least likely drug cheat ever, his frame was much slighter and less muscular than his rivals but he had an amazing technique. To be stripped of his record seems very unfair with no evidence or suspicion he did anything wrong.



I love Shaq, but can he maybe go play sheriff in that town where Steven Seagal is a cop?


I love that there’s guys like Shaq who are so successful they can basically wander through life doing whatever they want, and they actually take advantage of their position rather than playing golf and retiring quietly.