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That’s a scary ***king story. Thankfully he lived, but what were they thinking not having an ambulance on standby at the arena? I think it’s mandatory now, probably from incidents like this.


ESPN did a great 30 for 30 about that incident a few years back. It was called Cutthroat. It’s not always easy to watch, but it’s worth it. Hell of a story.


Not so much. A bus (ambulance with EMTs) is expensive. I worked many years at Northridge Hospital, a bit over a mile from California State University at Northridge (CSUN). Even with all the athletic events (including the Lippenzanner stallions) they did not use standbys. However, response time from the fire station was under a minute, and transport time to NHMC - a Level 1 trauma center - under three minutes. Most, I would imagine, would have similar arrangements, rather than a standby bus.


A quick Google says the average NHL salary bill per year is just over $70m. They can afford it.

I mean this story is from nearly 30 years ago as Sean says but I know now in professional sports in the UK that would be mandatory.


G-damn right they can afford it. Safety must be first.


It’s interesting that there are two notable cases in the UK. Fabrice Muamba who had a massive heart attack on the pitch in a Premier League football game and Mervyn Davies in rugby who suffered a brain haemorrage as he was scoring. They both survived but if they had been anywhere else, like at home, they’d have died because at the games they had medical staff to run on instantly and ambulances on standby.

“For me there is no such word as luck in the dictionary,” he says. “When it happened, the right people were there for me. They did an unbelievable miracle on me. If this could have happened in any place for me, it was a football pitch because I had the right people there to help. The ambulance, the doctors and the machine. If it happened to me in my house I don’t think we would be having this conversation.”


USA USA USA! :baseball: :trophy:


Isn’t there regulations to have medical staff present at any large gathering of people?


Yes, I don’t know the specifics but I know there are rules of that kind. They also need to pay the police for attending.



It’s an amazing MVP race this year. Really outstanding to see so many athletes playing at such a high level. Really great for the NBA too.


Just saw this story today which reminded me of the medical cover story:

Wales’ summer Test match against Tonga will be played in Auckland after concerns raised by the Welsh Rugby Union over the suitability of the stadium in Nuku’alofa.

World Rugby assessed facilities in Tonga and has confirmed the match has been moved.

It will be played on Friday, 16 June, a day earlier than originally scheduled.

The WRU had expressed doubts over the readiness of Tonga’s Teufaiva Sport Stadium, which is being redeveloped.

Another concern was the availability of medical cover should a serious injury occur.

I’m never buying that an ambulance is too expensive for these guys, very amateur games maybe. Pro sport may not be that great at turning a profit but it’s awash with money. In this case they’ve even moved the game to another country.

I actually have some personal take on this, a classmate of mine went on to be captain of the Wales rugby team and at the top of the sport. He broke his neck in a match (which is a freak incident by the way and the only one I know of), he also recovered very well, never to play again but he acts as a TV pundit now and lives a normal life. Player welfare has to be key, risks are taken willingly but the payoff is the support should always be there.


@Will are you a fan of all South Carolina sports or just football? Pretty big basketball game right now.

(I forget though, is Clemson your school?)


Clemson is my team. Not a fan at all of Sourh Carolina but I do like Frank Martin. I can’t believe Kansas State let him go.


Well nevermind then!


Heh. Good buddy of mine is All Kansas All The Time, so there’s his hype. (He’s the dude who owned my LCS.) My li’l sis is A Bruin, and while attended UCLA for a quarter I did not like it, and wanted to go to USC (or Stanford or Northwestern, c’est le scholarship). You and Clemson! The New York lot who are always the New York lot. And me, Dodger Blue (with my extended family) and Rockie / Bronco fan by adoption.

Such goodness!


No worries; I have a ton of friends that are Carolina fans so I’m happy for them.




Baseball’s all a-buzz!

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