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I feel bad for him since it wasn’t his fault.


I love how none of these stories have had the headline “Nesta Carter has been stripped of one of his gold medals”.

(Because who cares about the guy who actually failed the banned-substances test?)



Should be “An Arsehole Loses Bolt A Medal”



As far as I’m concerned, Magic can do just about anything he sets his mind to. Look for the Lakers to come back with a roar!



Football. Ridiculous


Now that Magic took over the Lakers operations, I hope that Phil Jackson will concentrate on the Knicks. Although if Magic gets the Lakers back before Phil with the Knicks, it will be embarrassing.


Not really. Magic has proven himself to be an excellent businessman and administrator outside of basketball. Phil has no similar experience. I don’t think people would be surprised at Magic doing a better job. I think Phil’s job got harder though. because any luster he had to draw free agents is now outshined by Magic.


NBA Mean Tweets:




Poor kid.


They couldn’t see his jeans were the wrong colour while he was bowling, only after he won?

Obviously the rules aren’t that important if you can break them for an entire game without anyone caring.


So, when Walter was going off at a 7-year-old, where was The Dude?


Justin Verlander seems to be enjoying spring training:



I’m sure they’re keen to spin this as positively as possible, but the fact that they wouldn’t allow female members until a ban on hosting the Open forced their hand isn’t exactly something to be proud of.


Something for @SeanR on something that happened 28 years ago today: