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Oh I completely agree. The University, for better or worse, has a lot to say here in Lincoln and so much of that is athletics. Our program is so well known that it will always get loads of money and attention, but if we don’t get better soon that might dwindle. Our alumni control so much. I know that when our athletics (football in particular) don’t do well, the alumni do their damnedest to boot coaches/staff/athletic directors and so on if we don’t show results. It kinda sucks because it’s just a game, as much as I love it. It’s just a game.

Money and recruiting.



And the 'stros became competitors almost out the gate with the shift to AL. That team marvels me at their ability to play the shift better than anyone.


The American collegiate Bowl games are a total joke. We were laughing ourselves silly a party last week watching the New Mexico bowl, a 6-6 team (New Mexico, right?) taking on an 8-4 team in a stadium barely bigger than a high school’s. Rot.



USA! USA! USA! the American team at World Junior Hockey Championships just defeated Canada for the Gold Medal. It came down to a shoot out and the same kid who scored the winning SO goal against Russia to get the US to the Gold medal game did it again and gave the US the Gold medal. USA! USA! USA!



Wow, rarely witnessed Canadian rage! :wink:


Apparently this is an important trophy for the round ball minded sportsman. The fact that there was a security guard just out of shot looking to break my fingers if I touched it suggests it’s probably worth a penny or two.


Y’know, if we drilled a hole in the side and put in a tap, that’d make a nice coffee urn!


Soccer trophy?


European Champions League Football Trophy .
I’m more of an egg chaser (rugby for the yanks :stuck_out_tongue: )


A beer bar I used to hang out in was half-populated by CSUN rugby players. Nice folks, but conversations was mostly “yada yada scrum it was! Arglybargle BEER!” That sort of thing. Good times!




Very sad. He was so young.


Interesting news for Formula One with Bernie Ecclestone losing his control and it being split between a commercial and racing head.

Bernie was a great businessman, he’s made billions from the thing by taking the majority from hosting rights but that now seems to be hitting a wall and ratings are significantly down on TV.

I have just held a passing interest in the last year or two to be honest, it has been pretty boring. Ross Brawn as the new racing head knows the sport inside and out and is promising more competition and not just two drivers from the same team winning everything.



Y’know, he was doing a whole bunch of insurance commercials for a while, and then they went away. Hmmm. Yeah. Fred Loya Insurance. Wonder who was carrying Oscar…


Usain Bolt has been stripped of one of his Olympic gold medals.