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So you saw my Colorado Buffaloes squeak past Utah yesterday? Don’t watch much college ball, but it’s been a great local story this year. Barring injuries, I see them in a Bowl game for the first time.


I’m sure we’ve got some sort of “research” thread but I can’t find it so I’ll ask here.

For Americans: if you’re a white male, aged 50+, who has lived and worked for most of your life in New York City. What is it likely to say on your baseball cap? Is “JETS” appropriate?


Probably be the New York Yankees (baseball):


More likely “NY Giants”. The Jets are technically in New Jersey.


Giants are a football team?

I think my guy watches baseball, so I’ll go with the Yankees. Thanks :slight_smile:


[quote=“Miqque, post:405, topic:724, full:true”]
More likely “NY Giants”. The Jets are technically in New Jersey.
[/quote]Both NFL teams play at MetLife Stadium along the New Jersey Turnpike, despite calling themselves the New York Giants and New York Jets. Only the New Jersey Devils admit to being from the Garden State.

But to answer the question @davidm asked, the cap would most likely be a Yankees cap.


Or, if he resembled our Al-X, it would be a NY Mets cap.


I’m open to correction here, but I thought that @njerry was a Mets guy as well…Am I wrong?


Guilty as charged. I always root for the underdog.


Me too…I’ve supported Aston Villa since I was a kid…Most of the time, they aren’t very good. Our high point is still having won the European Cup back in 1982.

And regarding the Mets. You are in good company. One Peter Benjamin Parker is also a fan (according to Peter Parker: Spider-Man #33 by Jenkins and Buckingham).


Me, anything to cast aspersions on the American League and wussy “designated” hitters and such! Bloody specialists!


I was so pissed when the Astros moved to the AL. Fuck designated hitters!


Yeah, but my admiration for the Astros was such that they deserved it. Did balance the Leagues out nicely!



Somewhat surprised by him bowing out but it is a dangerous game so I can see the temptation to get out at the top.

He can most likely walk into a job on German TV as a pundit. With Vettel still racing and Schumaker in bad shape he’s the only F1 champ that can add that insight.


What I adore about this is all of it is real, however much it looks like a comedy sketch. My mate went to see the match.

('Twp" is Welsh for stupid) :smile:


My local Gaelic club back home had a fight night like this, where all sorts from the community were matched up for a box. Apparently it was a really funny night as pretty much no-one knew how to fight, and no-one was really getting hurt.


You can see how pathetic Lee Twp’s technique is and the update I got is he scored a shock win.


Yeah! Pretty crazy. Colorado surprised a lot of people this year. It’s been a little while since they’ve been this good. I wish I could say the same about the Huskers. We’ve fallen into mediocrity the past few years. We seem to always do ok, but ok doesn’t win championships. Our defense in 2009 was unstoppable, but our offense has lacked consistency for years and years. I love my team to death, but damn…it’d be nice being a top competitor again. We ended up getting into a bowl vs. Tennessee this year. I don’t remember where the Buffaloes ended up.


There’s a lot of competition (and money) being put into the sports programs, and patience has just about run out with expensive programs and less-than-average results. There’s a lot to be said for getting a good variety of teams to bowls, and more giving the majority a straight shot at being competitive.