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This is the greatest thing that has ever happened on a rugby field.
Couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy :smile:



GO CUBS GO-2016 World Champions



@Jim should have been at Soldier Field tonight. Ireland have beaten New Zealand in rugby for the first time ever after 111 years of trying.


Indeed. At the 29th time of trying.


Cubs won the world series for the first time in 108 years, Ireland beats the All Blacks for the first time in 111 years and I spend both days at home playing with Finny. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


Awesome performance from Ireland. They just hassled the All Blacks (on a world record unbeaten run of 18 games) right out of it. Maybe they should play more of their ‘home’ games in the USA. :smile:

Especially poignant that the Irish international and Munster coach, Anthony Foley, died of a heart attack just a couple of weeks ago at the age of only 42. So as the All Blacks did their Haka the Irish teams stood in a figure 8 formation to pay respect to his position number.


I think I’m the token kiwi on the board but I have to say absolute and total respect for the Irish team. I’m out and about at thought bubble (quite drunk yay!) but the feedback I have from friends at home from people I respect it was an absolutely deserved and well earned win. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t respect Irish rugby and believe that this was a perfect result for world rugby and also will help grow the game in the U.S (my brother coachs in San Fran and tells me the rugby heads there rate it to the cubs win)
I love the All Blacks but the only way world rugby can grow is if everyone grows togeather. Sláinte Ireland


Can’t think of a finer sport than “Surviving Thought Bubble”!



I’ve never thought of Scotland as a very pink nation so why is the national team wearing pink jerseys.

Edit: maybe it is appropriate. Starting to play like it


That’s the away strip. They had to wear it to avoid a clash with the English strip (the white sleeves and shorts of the regular Scotland strip could be confused with the English strip when viewed in side profile).


Really, Kate?



There is balance again in the force

but well done Ireland awesome game.

in other news…

how do I tell the Mrs?


KUALA LUMPUR: Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz today said Malaysia will no longer host the Formula One Grand Prix race in Sepang once the current agreement expires in 2018. In confirming this, he said the hosting of the race had proven to be costly and has not brought necessary returns to the country. Nazri said he agreed with Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who had expressed his support last month for a temporary halt to Malaysia hosting the motorsport event. "The current agreement is from 2016 to 2018. So once that ends, there will be no more (F1 in Malaysia). "F1 attendance is dropping and there is less attraction now. We are spending RM300 million a year (for the race),” Nazri told reporters at Parliament lobby today. His remark came after a report that Singapore too is mulling exit from the event. Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, in an interview with German motorsports magazine Auto Motor Und Sport, said he believed Singapore would not be extending its F1 contract after 2017. Although he agreed that the Grand Prix has cost Singapore “a lot of money”, he said F1 too has also given the country “a lot of money” in return. “Singapore was suddenly more than just an airport to fly to or from somewhere. “Now they believe they have reached their goal and do not want a grand prix anymore,” Ecclestone was quoted as saying. It was reported that Singapore suffered a 15 per cent decrease in ticket sales for the 2016 Singapore GP.

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I think it’s all a money pit, only Ecclestone actually makes a profit. Many sports are like that though, most football clubs post a loss and then wait for the next millionaire to come along that likes the ego boost of owning one.


Goals of the year.

There is a Penang goal in the list and it is astonishing but I think it was just a fluke as the guy is a journeyman who has never done anything similar at any other time. So I’m being loyal to my country of birth and voted for Hal Robson-Kanu. :smile:

Edit: Looked at some more, the Neymar one is sensational but my vote is cast!


I watch mostly only college football. Currently I’m watching my Huskers get beat by Iowa. Shit. Oh well, GBR. Long gone are the 90s, but I’m forever hopeful.


That was an interesting finale to the Grand Prix season. I can see why Lewis Hamilton decided to go for the arsehole tactic of going very slowly* and backing Rosberg into their rivals, rather than take the high road of speeding off into the sunset and hoping for the best. Trouble is, it didn’t work, so net gain for him is that he looks like an arsehole and still lost. My heart bleeds for him.

I was picking up vibes from both his podium interview and from the Mercedes team that his decision to ignore their directives in the race might be the end of his time with them. I think if he’d lost them the race (regardless of winning the championship or not) it definitely would have been.

*to the point that he called in complaining that the car was sliding a lot and was told straight up it was because he was going too slowly.

Oh, regarding the SEA grand prixes. I wouldn’t be upset to see Singapore or Malaysia off the calendar. Malaysia’s not too bad, but at 21 races already this year, there are too many (though Germany’s off next year due to financial issues as well, apparently). The only thing Singapore really has going for it is that it’s visually interesting, and impressive, as a night race. Take that away and it’s a pretty dull street circuit with not a lot of over-taking and that was true even before they removed the only difficult chicane on the track.


I don’t think it would hurt to lose a few races either but I think the concerning thing for the FIA is countries that used to covet the kudos of the event and went to great efforts to build tracks and invest heavily now don’t seem as bothered. It is very expensive to maintain and if a lot of others follow suit then they’ll be in some trouble.

It could be like football and just someone else will come and pay the money for the attention and glamour but there’s a risk also that they won’t.