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I agree with you Sean. the IOC seem to be going the FIFA route(while not to the extent of bribery). With the world cup, NHL does not really need the Olympics and so there is no reason for them to help them out. NHL players except for the Russians were complaining about Sochi. Pyeongchang has no hockey presence. I would go as far as saying that amateurs don’t want to go either. They have the world championships and the NHL to look forward too. If the World Cup is a success they might have another one of those too. Speaking of Which, my favorite team at WCH2016 is Team North America. Love watching them fly up and down the ice. Without last night’s 4 min slipup, they would be the 2nd most dominant team so far. For 116 minutes they outscored competition 7-0. If USA can get get their heads extricated from their collective behinds and give Canada a good game, NA might be the best looking team out there.


The problem with team sports and Olympics is that there is just a whole lot of people, turning games into a logistical, security and financial nightmare. The IOC wants parity, same events at all Games. Reality tends to interfere!


What’s the deal with Big Sam?


He’s gone. That’s the deal.


Only in baseball.

Bastardo pitching to Gyorko (pronounced Jerko).

Bastardo strikes Jerko out.

What a Bastardo!


Mets just clinched a Wild Card spot in the MLB playoffs. Yay!


Saw that, was thinking of you and @alx!


Walt Weiss steps down as Manager of Colorado Rockies!
Contract expires.


Cubs reach first World Series in 71 years

Early in the year, with all the surprising celebrity deaths and crazy politics, I joked that this would be the year the Cubs would win the World Series.

I was joking.

Seriously, if there had to be a particular year for the Cubs to win the World Series, 2016 would be the year.


2015, surely?


Congratulations to the Cubs, and to their long-suffering fans! Should be an interesting World Series against the Cleveland Indians.


Football Alters the Brains of Kids as Young as 8

In the journal Radiology today, an imaging study shows that players ages 8 to 13 who have had no concussion symptoms still show changes associated with traumatic brain injury.


Is anyone watching the world series? I can’t believe that Fox has both A rod and Pete Rose doing commentary. They should have gotten Barry Bonds as well. That way they would’ve had the 3 biggest cheaters and most obnoxious players to do their studio show. :rage: :rage: :rage:


I’d enjoy football/soccer a lot more if they allowed the referees this level of control.


In honor of the first WS game played at Wrigley in 71 years. Hopefully this fan is looking down at his Cubbies with a big smile as things are looking much much better for them now.


Anyone ever see a FIGHTBALL tournament?

“H-O-R-S-E meets cagefighting” comes to mind

I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a 1 on 1 “minor” basketball league or variation of it since there are so many top notch players, but this seems a been more sensationalistic than serious sports.

Maybe they need to add a women’s tournament:


I am expecting something truly terrible, on a Billy Buckner and his high-tops level, to go on with those new Cubs leggings that cover the heel. It’s a good “look”, but it has to be like trying to play with one’s shoes untied!



Very pleased to see that the Cubs have managed to tie up the World Series and force a Game 7 tonight. Much better than my Mets did last year.


There was a feeling of inevitability in the Cubs win. I thought I heard Indians fans cheering! Tonight, tonight, that magical Game Seven.

There a magic like little else! Anything can happen!

Remember Billy Buckner!

(Or, if that’s a bit miserable)

Remember Kirk Gibson!