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How bout this? Mile High Stadium. it worked fine for over 30 years. and you know the company will go bankrupt in the next 5 years anyways

p.s. gutted to hear about Story. He was having an amazing season


He is bummed. Saw him last night wearing a small hard cast, and putting one of those things on means the damage is fairly significant. Letting him run around with the cast is a good sign, means the surgeon knows what it is and how to fix it. Oh, a few of my patients also went under Dr. Lewis Yocum’s knife - he’s the guy who first did Tommy John.

This Ruhl kid looks pretty good. But whenever the Rocks play the Dodgers, my heart is split in two! The Doggies, however, seem to be moving back to being a real franchise again after that horrid ownership period.


Maybe we could do a Kickstarter campaign and raise the funds to call it MillarWorld Stadium.

Just a thought…


Don’t give me wood, Jerry!


Good to see Rodgers is in charge of the signing policy now at Celtic after years of Lawwell and Park interference.

All 3 summer signings have played a part already and all improve the first team. Toure has stepped in no problem and is already vocal, Dembele has bags of potential and will give defences a lot of problems and Sinclair coming off the bench to score the winner the day after signing is fairytale stuff.

Ahead of our 3 closest rivals for the title this season already, after only 1 game - these points could prove valuable if we qualify for Champions League group stages.

Another keeper, centre mid and top striker and we will be having a good season.



Dean Saunders tells TalkSport the story of when Brian Clough tried to sign him to Nottingham Forest.


Absolutely brilliant


Who all is watching Superbowl 50.1?

Starting off with a sneaky sidearmed pass! I like this kid.


8 year old Aussie boy playing rugby, you can see by the end they have given up attempting to tackle him.


I wouldn’t try either lol


Fucking Brugges, today it was Leciester fucking Brugges (Club Brugges) 3-0 Go Leicester!



Don’t understand the ranking. Is it who drinks the most Coca-Cola? :confused:


It’s the “men’s world ranking” so it is obviously the countries with the best men.


Don’t be silly. It’s a ranking of men with the best Fifas.


If that were true, wouldn’t Wales be closer to the top? Just below Ireland?


Gerrard and Keane vs 30 eight year olds:


@SeanR, what are your thoughts on this:


I honestly couldn’t blame the NHL for sticking to their guns on this. I would make the Olympic committee pay for all travel and insurance. That is pretty huge.

Worst time for the IOC to pull this. There will be 3 Winter Olympics in a row on the other side of the world with bad Live viewing for the North American audience. Sochi in 2014, Pyeongchang for 2018, and Beijing for 2022.
No hope for a premium time zone (to maximize growth in the U.S.) until 2026, and there’s still no guarantees.

Expecting them to shut down their League for a month, and now pay for the travel and insurance? With the least amount of exposure?
Not going to fly, at least it wouldn’t with me.
Which side is going to blink first?