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Oh dear…


He’s gotta be taking a bung on the score with that one. :smile:


I have to say that the worst fans in the world have to be Tour de France fans. The banners , the costumes, the idiots who run out in front of the cyclists. I understand the lack of security to a point on the those long courses but what possesses someone to run out onto the course to try and run alongside the bikes or stretch banners across the road as the riders come by. I don’t see any of the local coverage but do the local tv and newspapers give these morons attention or are they truly willing to make complete fools out of themselves for 5 seconds of tv coverage? SMH

p.s. Celtic vs Leicester starts within the hour. Is anyone going to watch it?


You know the kind of coverage they give to bike races here, Don, and yet there are problems. One major race got scratched (forget why) and many of the recent races have had “incidents”. Boulder had an experiment to expand bike paths that failed miserably. I really think people, in general, either do not like bicycle riders or do not know how to act around them. Some celebrity, last week, popped his car door open in Beverly Hills or some place without looking and a biker ran right into it, getting hurt. Friend of mine spent several weeks in the hospital due to that.


General attitudes to cyclists is a bit different though to those on the largest event in their sporting calendar. A race that’s 113 years old.

Don is right that the course is so long it is impossible to police every stretch in the same way that arena sports can be stewarded. It seems people are just being more dickish, other long distance events like marathons and Olympic walking have seen it too.

At the risk of sounding ‘old man’ about it all I do think some of the ‘selfie’ culture is driving it. The spectators are more interested in their role and photo op than the actual race.


Watching Celtic v Leicester. Announcer is talking about Celtic’s lack of talent and funding to compete on the world stage. Too Bad there is not someone wealthy enough to help out, maybe some Movie Mogul Millionaire who is also a Celtic fan. Hmmmm. Do we have anyone here who might know of someone like that :wink:


For a country the size of Scotland I think Celtic do very well financially. Mark does well but football clubs are real money hoovers, you need to be a billionaire now and not a millionaire.

They’ll suffer in comparison though to the enormous TV contracts for the English Premier League. Their income has increased by billions and the first fruits of that are being seen with the Pogba contract at Man Utd.


they actually did mention that later on in the game. No TV is hurting Celtic


Yes but I think it’s comparative. Celtic make as much as they did, TV rights I don’t know have ever gone down. Lower or smaller leagues are also getting more money. Since I moved here we now get Championship games on the TV which we never got before.

The recent EPL deal is a game changer and it may get worse because that was just domestic rights. Around the world, especially here in Asia and in the Middle East they like that game the best and identify with their teams so the money, at least short term, will keep getting bigger.


Do you think it’s a bad move for him or them?


If the Olympics ends then so does the careers of athletes all round the world who dedicate themselves to preparing for it.

This is the showcase for these people who dedicate themselves to being the very best at something, not to mention the opportunity for athletes from some very poor countries to go and earn some money that very few others from their countries will get.

The Olympics is important for sport but it needs cleaned up and like the World Cup needs to be more selective in the countries it chooses as hosts if those bidding are incapable of treating their people in a humane fashion during the preparations.

On the one hand holding it in Rio, who are notorious for treating their poor like shit could be seen as an awful choice on the other it will generate income and it’s only right that less developed countries round the world get a chance to hold them.


I watched it yeah. I thought we played well but lacked end product in the final 3rd, which is a big concern for me going into the next lot of Champions League qualifiers.

Griffiths is our Kris Boyd as soon as he comes up against a decent team, totally ineffective and Dembele is still finding his feet, although he shows promise with his close control. He needs a goal to settle him.

Lustig looks a new player at centre back and I think Janko showed hints of why Moyes took a punt on him at Man U, he’s rapid.

I’d like to see Christie and Allen start for Celtic though, I thought they’d have got a better chance under Rodgers.

Overall Celtic were the better team last night, but Mahrez showed that class makes a difference and we definitely benefited from having more games under our belt. The result would have been different in a competitive match.


The problem for Celtic is the league setup the operate in that and Scottish football has been hit hard in recent years.

The return of Rangers will help though as will the the fact that things seem to be changing for the better in terms of bigger names coming back to the game up here. Rodgers is a massive coup for Celtic, probably the highest profile managerial appointment we have ever made.

We (Scotland) need to do something pretty drastic to attract more tv money, I still believe a restructure to 2 leagues of 16 and a move to a summer start would help do that.

In terms of money we are completely self sufficient and that’s with losing out on about 50m in the last couple of years from non CL participation and loss of Rangers. If the TV money is lost from English football it will crumble spectacularly.


On the plus side, if we buy players cheap we can flog them to the EPL for (relative) mega bucks like we did recently with Wanyama, Forster and Van Dijk.


… Titless?


The man won despite his handicap. It’s very inspirational.


They pretty much had him yellow-sweatshirted yesterday.

'tis a shame about his tits.


Technically it’s accurate.


This may be fun to watch. Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos, has been known as Sports Authority Field. Sports Authority went bankrupt, the deadline to pay expired Monday, and the announcement a few minutes ago indicates there is a bidding war going on behind the scenes, and a new name may be a done deal by this afternoon!

Taco Bell Field?
Chipotle Field?

Viagra Falls?

this could be sooo bad …