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The Sports Thread


But realistically, sex in any of those places is going to get you arrested.

That is what we’re talking about, isn’t it? :worried:


Take your mind out of the gutter David. For shame.


Murray wins Wimbledon again. A solid performance.


Well done Andy Murray.

Another reason to celebrate this year his daughter was born.


A good sportsing day for us Dutchies, Daphne Schippers reels in another gold medal at the European athletics championship, and Tom Dumoulin wins a mountain stage in the Tour de France.


5-time NBA champion Tim Duncan retires after 19 seasons


My Gawwwwd, the National League uniforms for the All-Star Game are hideous. As one wit noted, puke and baby-poo were already spoken for.

Congrats to Nolan and CarGo!


Did someone lose a bar bet and design those while hungover?


One of the many things that annoys me about the San Diego Padres - who have always annoyed my Dodgers and Rockies - are the uniforms that always reminded me of the stinkier, nastier nights in a nursing career.


American Ninja Warrior.

Not a sport? Tell them that!

Jessie Graff.


Went farther than anybody else in the L.A. City Finals, so far. Flip Rodriguez and the mighty Kevin Bull are still to go, methinks.

So much better than just running about on the grass.


Brendan Rodgers new Celtic coach? Hmmmm


Well he didn’t lose to the Gibraltar semi-pro team this time, so onwards and upwards :wink:


The Colorado Rockies have developed a terrible habit of getting their collective asses handed to them by this year’s lowly Tampa Bay Rays.




I’m getting the sense that the Rio Olympics are going to make a strong case that the Olympics is a tradition that should end.


Certainly I think we’re seeing an increasing reluctance towards hosting it.


It would be nice if they scaled it back from the corporate behemoth it has become.

Put me in charge and I’d drop all the events where the Olympic gold isn’t the ultimate prize in the sport. Tennis, football, basketball and golf shouldn’t be there.


I rather enjoy the basketball side of it—moreso in years where the US has legitimate competition—but I agree that like soccer their celebrity and sneaker deals distract from the spirit of the event, and team sports and mini-tournaments seem like an odd fit with the rest of the games.


It’s a financial boondoggle. It costs so damn much money to host it that it takes cities years to recover.

Rio is turning into a special kind of disaster though.


This may be incredibly naive but I believe there was a time when these International organizations like the IOC, FIFA, and WHO were composed of rich influential people who viewed the position as philantrophic and a way to give their time back to the people who helped them gain their wealth. For the most part, It appears that this has changed and that is why RIO is in the situation it is. The people who run these organizations have shifted their focus from benevolence to accumulation of power and wealth and that is what needs to be fixed. It would be a total shame if it was a tradition that ended.

I live in Rochester, NY and this type of situation has really impacted life here. When I grew up, KODAK was everpresent. It employed a great deal of people and was always doing things for the community based upon the attitude and actions of its founder, George Eastman. Unfortunately, it made some very bad business decisions and suffered big losses and now Kodak is a bad word. The people who run it are still making huge salaries but a lot of the average people who used to be employed by Kodak are unemployed or underemployed and Kodak philanthropy is a thing of the past.