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I didn’t expect a Game 7 but here it is tomorrow…


Cleveland Rocks!


LeBron, Cavs beat Warriors 93-89, capture NBA title


The Cavs did it. I didn’t think so, but they did.

I still have to say that the Warriors had more of a team game than the Cavs, but Lebron willed it and it happened.

Interestingly, only the Browns won in '64 some football championship game but it was before the Super Bowl, so it is debatable that it counts. Other than that, nothing from any Cleveland team until now.


Batman himself weighs in on “Deflategate” (and is probably kind of drunk).

If you believe Brady is guilty of anything you’re probably an idiot, right? There is no other explanation.


I loved the uncomfortable sip of water Simmons took when he realized a) Afflick was going off on a tirade and b) that he was half in the tank.

I’m going to love this show.


The NHL expands from 30 to 31 teams with Las Vegas

The NHL becomes the first of the four major North American professional sports leagues to put a team in Las Vegas. This will be the NHL’s first expansion team since the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild came into the League in the 2000-01 season.

The League will receive a $500 million expansion fee from Bill Foley, the billionaire businessman who spearheaded the Las Vegas expansion bid and will be the franchise’s principal owner. The $500 million will be distributed equally among the existing 30 teams.

Good news for Vegas. I think it can work, but also a little iffy when you think a lot of tickets will be bought by hotels and used in travel packages. I’m sure the packages will be variable (fly in and see your team, or 3-night see another game and a show of your choice, etc.), but they need the economy to be good.
I do hope they build up a good local fanbase.

I’m sure the NHL would’ve liked to even up the Conferences (16 teams in the East, all Eastern time zone, and now 15 teams in the West spread over 3 time zones), but there was no official bid from Seattle with one group needing the NBA to get the arena done, and the other group with a hockey only arena (outside Seattle?) was apparently scared off by the price tag (guessing, or they weren’t that serious).
I’m sure the League would like one stable Seattle group to resubmit soon.

For the Northwest, I’d also like to see Portland get serious, as I agree with those that say Portland is a better hockey market fan-wise than Seattle.

The Quebec City bid is put on the back-burner. Good idea a few years ago (and they got the arena done), but then the Canadian dollar went down (.78 cents U.S.), and I think that killed it.

I like my hockey, but I have seen my market (Vancouver) hit highs, and then down to some lows (last few years), and can really see how some think the game is boring ('cause when your team is the shits, it really is painful, and easier to change the channel). And every creative idea the League has is out-coached in a few years, and back to square one (ok, maybe pessimistic, but there is something there).

The point is, $500 Million for a hockey team? Good for Vegas (apparently), but it’ll be a while for any more.


Personally I thought what I saw was pretty bad. I think Simmons peaked a decade ago and is not cut out for TV. I do like his podcasts sometimes.

By the way it was very rude of the UK to schedule their vote the same day of the NBA draft, hijacking my social media feeds on the best twitter day of the year.


I find it weird that the NHL is going forward with an odd number of teams. I’d really love to see Portland get a hockey team, but doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards anytime soon.


I get the feeling this won’t be the Mets’ year, but the Cubs…


1.3 million people were in Cleveland yesterday for the Cavs’ parade. Lock 3 in Akron is blowing up today despite the rain. I love that they are focusing so much on LeBron’s charity work with the local schools. Class act.


Mets were pretty good last year. Cubs, it’s been like a century or so!

What amazes me is the Rockies are actually surviving.


Okay, mainly for @Don

Sports Authority, a chain of sporting equipment stores, went bankrupt. You may know the name from “Sports Authority Field”. They paid about $6M a year to brand the stadium. Going bankrupt, they lost this right.

Who is rumored to have purchased the name? Another sporting goods franchise. Dick’s Sporting Goods.

That’s right. Get ready for Mile High Dick’s.


Antoine Walker teaching athletes how to not blow $108M like he did

Antoine Walker made $108 million in his 13-year basketball career, but two years after his retirement in 2008 he had to file for bankruptcy.

Now Walker is helping educate athletes on how to not make the mistakes he did, as part of a program put on by financial services giant Morgan Stanley.

Walker made more than four times what the average player makes in his NBA career, which lasts almost five years. But Walker’s lavish lifestyle, poor money management and generosity with family and friends left his fortune in ruins.

“I came into the league at 19 years old, getting drafted so young and having a lack of education of how to handle situations and how to deal with money,” Walker told “I didn’t really have a concept of a dollar and when I get to the league, there was a lot of things I wanted to do personally, as far as taking care of my family, brothers and sisters, mom, putting them in better living situations. I had a host of things I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it and didn’t know the right way to do it.”

Now 39, Walker is working with Morgan Stanley’s Global Sports and Entertainment division to counsel players on how to budget and invest their money, pick financial advisors and investments wisely, and above all avoid going broke like he did.

Walker’s problems are shared by other retired athletes, though the extent of them are subject to debate. A 2009 Sports Illustrated report claimed 60 percent of NBA players go broke five years after retiring, however the NBA denies it.

“We have not found any kind of research or fact based on that number. In fact, we refute that it’s true,” Greg Taylor, the NBA’s senior vice president of player development, told “What we do say is, if any player ends up in that situation — and we do know that there are players who do end up in that situation — any more than one is too many.”


when I was out there in Feb, they were not doing so good, They closed the sports castle while I was there. I think Dick’s Mile High works better


So Kevin Durant decides to sign with Golden State…

I don’t like it when all the stars decide to be on the same team. I didn’t like it when Lebron and Bosch joined Wade in Miami and I don’t like it now.

Magic, Bird, and Jordan never signed up for the same team in the NBA… The Olympics, yes, but for real NBA action, no.
It is how it should be. Parity is good and fair.


Seattle QB Russell Wilson vowed to stay celibate with his fiancee Ciara until their wedding.

They just got married in the UK today.

You figure out what they will do next… :smile:


Take a ride on the London Eye. Obviously.


My bet is Madame Tussaud’s followed by a West End show.


An open top bus tour is always a good shout too.