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It is pretty funny. “Parity” is the big buzzword in major US sports, and while it helps smaller markets (the NBA finals was very nearly Oklahoma City versus Cleveland this year) and makes for slightly more unpredictable season on a year in, year out basis, it has drawbacks too. I personally feel that the NFL’s quest for parity has sacrificed quality to some extent, and I sometimes wish the NBA had a promotion and relegation system like the Premier League to dump some of the teams that are awful every year.

I think I prefer the American approach but both have merits and drawbacks.


In the UK the first division is sort of robust - not Premier league but still a viable business model. Nothing like that exists in the NBA, so the owners would shit a brick if anyone suggested it. There should be an expectation of performance set on the owners and Silver should be able to sell a franchise if ownership continue to sink their franchise. I think the problem only really happens in NBA, the other sports all seem to have teams that try to win every game.


They do discuss that in the way they talk about equality of opportunity Robert, it’s worth a listen. The about turn is in the European system every team however low down the ladder has the opportunity to win, usually seen as an American ideal. Not like the franchise system which means you stay where you are and teams are protected.

While Europe has the equality of opportunity it doesn’t in earning and access to players. No draft system helping the lower teams, cash is king.

It’s an intriguing idea.

Jim is right though that the second tier in English football they have a decent business, often good crowds and generous TV money*. You then get a chicken and the egg question of whether that’s because they know they could all potentially be Leicester one day.

*There’s also a geographic element at play I think, people support their local team because most have one or two options pretty close by. You can actually walk between Everton and Liverpool’s grounds (two Premier league teams) in about 15 minutes.


I’ll have a listen when I get home, thanks.


Curry is just ridiculous


Warriors-Thunder was a great finals series.


Especially on a hot summers day


Hard to believe the Thunder missed the chance to become NBA champions like that but it’s good to see the Warriors win 2 in a row and finish off this legendary season with a ring. It’s just a shame they have to wait a week and play these exhibition games in the meantime.


Presented without comment…although I do think it is kind of wonderful.



2016 continues to be brutal as the deaths pile up. There are not as many hockey fans here but This GUY was Hockey and as big in his sports as ALI was in Boxing. It seems we have segued from entertainment icons to sports Icons for a bit but 2 in one week is rough.


I was never a big hockey fan, but I still knew who Gordie Howe was. Shocked to realize he was 88! RIP.


Hockey was never a big thing growing up but there were three names you just simply knew: Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe.

Goodbye to a legend.


Vegas, eh! NHL settles on Las Vegas for expansion team, sources say


Weird that Vegas will get an expansion team instead of Seattle or Portland, but okay. I know Vegas already built an arena for it, but still…


So Cleveland managed a win last night.

I still don’t see a Game 7…


A pro sports team in Vegas is a really big deal. The NBA has been eyeing that market for ages but is hesitant as long as the sports books are right there. Obviously you can bet on the NBA anywhere, but I think it’s an appearance thing.

That said, it’s a dumb idea to put a hockey team in Vegas.

Here’s how they should do the NHL. One conference should be the Canada Conference (with divisions named for great Canadian players). One conference should be the US Conference (with divisions named for great US players). All the US teams should play in cold-weather cities, although I’d allow LA and maybe Anaheim as there are established fanbases. And then in the playoffs you get teams fighting to be the Canada champ, and the US champ, and then they do battle for the pride of the nation. You’d need a hard cap so the smaller Canadian markets could compete with the Chicagos, LAs, and Torontos, but every year it’s a must-see event.

It’s so smart that it will never happen. There’s too much money in the bigger American markets, nevermind that NHL playoff ratings are dismal.


Hey now, don’t take away my Sharks! Also, the Kings are the worst. The Ducks I’ll allow.


Every year The Avs and Kings would meet in Vegas for 1 or 2 preseason games. i thought it was just to allow the players to go to Vegas after training camp but maybe there is a fanbase there