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I don’t think the cavs r ready for either team coming out of the west


I think the Cavs match up pretty well with the Thunder but the Warriors will run them off the court.


Westbrook is a beast… I don’t know who can stop him on either team


I am still not over the Knicks and Phil Jackson. He lives and dies by insisting on this formation known as the triangle offense and says that he won 11 rings off it. What he doesn’t say was that he had the best players in history doing it: Jordan, Pippen, Bryant, Shaq etc…

I just hope he trades away Carmelo for a LOT of draft picks like in the NFL (I know it is a different sport) when Dallas traded Herschel for all those picks.

Anyway, I expect Curry to lead the Warriors past Okl and take on Cleveland again.


Phil Jackson hasn’t adjusted his scheme for the players now days… it’s more spread out than when he was coaching


i was looking at it on my phone. it said sj-pit 6/1. i missed the 5/30 that was on the left, GRRR


the game is so different now. no more pounding it down low to the big man. the three teams left are among the best shooting teams in the league


I used to luv watching the big men battle n the paint… now everyone wants to be a 3 point shooter… it really has changed a lot


A lot of those games boiled down to glorified rugby matches, minus the fun of rubgy. I’m not at all sad to see it go and love the way the game has evolved, where you just play your five best guys regardless of size or position, move the ball around, slash and shoot. It’s a lot of fun.

I love Steph so much. He’s a revolutionary player, a jaw-dropping talent, and an icon that everyone can look up to and kids can realistically aspire to. He’s the best thing to happen to the game since Jordan.


I’m not a basketball fan in the slightest, but even I can admire Curry. The dude is legit amazing at what he does and seems like a genuinely good guy that people can look up to. Really great for basketball and the sports world as a whole.


He is so selfless n his demeanor and his gameplay… his range is ridiculous he can dribble with the best of them… just needs to improve his defense… and he promotes clean water… that not to luv? Lol


So far this game is as advertised. Wow.


Jesus OKC. They look like they’re already beaten.


I thought if the Warriors took the lead the Thunder would get too panicky and struggle to play from behind. It is not looking good for them.

We’ll see if the Thunder can stay in it. I hope so…I want to see it close at the end.


I’ll be rooting for Lebron, but this Warriors team feel historic. I don’t know how OKC lost the game, but full credit to the Warriors for facing their last three games the way they did.


I won’t be rooting for Lebron. He’s the past. The Warriors are the future. Dude is standing in the way of progress again.



I don’t even hate Lebron. I just think he’s boring.


@SeanR, have you seen this: After a Life of Punches, Ex-N.H.L. Enforcer Is a Threat to Himself

Over two days at several restaurants, he was regularly surrounded by televisions showing hockey — it is Canada, after all, and it was the N.H.L. playoffs — yet Peat never paid attention. The number of fights in the N.H.L. has dropped in half since Peat’s last full season in 2003-4, to 344 fights this past regular season, according to Peat’s was a prized, popular, punch-throwing role being nudged, slowly, out of the game.

“Hockey’s been the greatest thing in my life, but it’s also been the worst thing in my life,” Peat said. “It was great while I was playing, but what has it done lately? My peers of enforcers have become statistics and the N.H.L. is in denial. They’re denying that the job I did even existed, even though I sacrificed my quality of life, my well-being and my future greatly by being there for my teammates in the present.

“I don’t think the coaches or anyone was thinking of me 10 years down the road when they were pushing me out there to fight, you know what I mean?”

While some former enforcers who have died in recent years took their own lives, Peat said he would not, at least not intentionally.

“I don’t think I’m the kind of person who could pull that trigger,” he said. “But I’m the type of person who could drive a car 200 miles per hour and lose control and end it that way. I get reckless with my life. I think that points to the fact that I fought for my teammates, and I was reckless with my own body. I had to self-sacrifice for my teammates, right?”

Anxiety is another frequent visitor. Peat prefers to drive his GMC pickup everywhere, rather than sharing a ride, because he wants the freedom to leave at any time. Waiting for his father to meet him at a restaurant, he called him several times within an hour to check on his progress, even though the meeting time had not passed. (“Hey, Buddy? Where are you?” he asked, calling his father either Buddy or Wally.)

He admitted to sometimes waking up in tears. He often thinks that nearby parked cars are occupied by people watching him.

“I’ve been studying concussions, and some of the symptoms are things like anxiety and recklessness,” Peat said. “I’m like, ‘Wait — I have all these symptoms.’ I just wonder if I could get rid of the headaches, if all those other things will go away.”

A very tragic story.


Freakonomics did a podcast this week about 5000-1 story of Leicester City winning the English Premier League.

Some interesting views on how US sports have a very socialist structure compared to the Europeans despite being the other way around in almost every other sphere.