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I’m sure they will. It will be interesting to see where their story goes next. More exposure is pretty much guaranteed I would have thought.

As I said a while ago, I’m not that much of a follower of football and I’m only a Leicester supporter by default as it’s my hometown, but even I’ve found myself pretty gripped by the events of the past months. It’s just a great sporting story.


Did I hear something on this morning’s Sports news that someone from Leicester won the World Snooker Championship as well? Good weekend to be from Leicester.


Yep, Mark Selby won his second world title:

I get to be proud of Leicester today! It’s an odd feeling. I’m not sure I like it. :slight_smile:


Not only that but I read he won it ten minutes before the final whistle of the Spurs game so they were almost synchronised.


Yeah, apparently someone in the crowd told him about it as he sat down at the end.


The U will play Clemson for the ACC title game this yr



Well, that was one of my favourite ever EPL seasons and congrats to Leicester for an amazing achievement, probably the greatest in my lifetime for football in the UK anyway.

I feel like I got to experience it closer by winning some money and taking the trip down to Leicester for hospitality at the match v Southampton last month.

The £1000 covers the deposit for a new car we had to upgrade to for new baby arriving.

I’m fed up listening to the bookmakers moaning about the money they lost. They set these odds to entice bets on something that they think will never happen. They’ve been raking it in for decades by luring the fans of these clubs to stick a wager on and because of an extraordinary year and a perfect storm of events they got stung. Fuck them. Think of all the punters who have lost big money, don’t see the bookie shedding any tears for them.

Good to see what Leicester do next, whilst I think they will go on to have a decent year next season and will have a tremendous in the Champions League, to maintain a challenge on both fronts they need to splash the cash now and build a bigger squad capable of coping with the fixture pile up.
The league is going to be very competitive next year as well.


“Won’t somebody please think of the bookmakers?” is not a cause I can see catching on with the public. :slight_smile:


Don’t take it too seriously. It’s part of their ongoing marketing technique to go on about their ‘huge losses’, it’s very good at convincing punters they can get one over the bookies and go an place more bets.

They always have a spokesman to go on about their big payouts and how they’ll suffer but the odds are based primarily on an algorithm that weights on how many people place a bet. If a lot of people bet on Leicester they’d have cut the odds right down so they can’t lose that much.


I think there was one or two well publicised cases and like you say the bookies are leveraging that public awareness to their own ends.


Check out the next time any long shot wins, William Hill and Ladbrokes and Paddy Power will all be in the papers saying how much they lost.

It’s just about the only business where announcing losses is a positive publicity tactic. :smile:



If you’re not counting down the minutes to tonight’s Warriors-Thunder game, then check your pulse! I’ve got pizza, a fresh six-pack, pretzels, and a pint of bourbon ready to go. This is why I love basketball.


Saturday’s game was amazing and clearly shows why basketball is going to become the great American sport. There’s speculation that tonight’s game will be the most watched game ever. The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight and they expect to lose over 10 million viewers.


stanley cup starts tomorrow 6/1, but I agree tonight’s game may set records. Steph Curry could well be the most liked athlete in America today.


It’s tonight at 7pm. How’d you not know that, I’m sure you’ll be watching. Go Pens!


I’ll be watching the Stanley Cup (I’ve actually got tickets to Game 4). Living in San Jose, there’s definitely an exciting atmosphere around here. While it’s cool that the Warriors forced a Game 7, as a hockey and Shark’s fan I feel a bit bad that the Shark’s first Finals appearance is getting overshadowed by a semi-finals game in basketball.


It’s gonna be a great game… or a blow out…


Probably a blow out, but I hope not.