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And as always, combat sports are discussed in the US Politics & Current Affairs Thread.

Feel free to discuss sports from all over the world here. This thread is not limited by country or region.

To start things off:

NFL calls headline about Brady suspension ‘misleading’

The NFL may ultimately suspend New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his involvement in the Deflategate scandal, but the league does not want people to think a decision has already been made.

On Friday, a report from Gary Myers of the NY Daily News said Brady is going to be suspended and an announcement could come next week. Myers cited unnamed sources who have “a good sense of what goes on” at the NFL’s headquarters.

But on Saturday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello insisted the league has not yet made a decision and addressed Myers’ report directly.

“It is Gary Myers’ prediction,” Aiello wrote in an email to “The headline is misleading.”

The headline could be “misleading” in the sense that it makes it sound like the NFL has already made a ruling, but Aiello’s response doesn’t mean Brady won’t be suspended.

Almost everything that has been reported since the Ted Wells report was released indicates that Brady is going to miss some time. Even a media outlet based in the Boston area claims the Patriots organization is bracing itself for a “lengthy” suspension for its star quarterback.

While many have argued that the Wells report uncovered no hard evidence, it concluded that it is “more probable than not” that the Patriots illegally deflated footballs and Brady was aware of what was going on. That is the standard of proof the league uses in cases like this, so the report basically slaps the guilty tag on Brady and the Pats.

We know at least one NFL quarterback who believes Brady should be left alone, but a suspension almost seems inevitable at this point.


Maybe the mods (Gareth just loves to do this sort of stuff) could merge in the Baseball thread. That never gets much business, and a couple of us are passionate about it.

Except when the Rockies suck so. damned. BAD!


Look at this sublime sporting moment, 17 perfect darts. The crowd go nuts.


Yahoo Will Become The First Digital Company To Live Stream An NFL Game

This is the kind of milestone we’ve been waiting for in digital’s evolution into a full fledged competitor to conventional TV. Yahoo will be the first to live stream an NFL game globally, across devices, and for free, on October 25. It will offer an NFL International Series game from London pitting the Buffalo Bills against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The company will feed the match through Yahoo, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Screen, and Tumblr.

“The NFL has always been committed to being at the forefront of media innovation,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell says. “Through this partnership with Yahoo—one of the world’s most recognizable digital brands—we are taking another important step in that direction as we continue to closely monitor the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.”

The Bills disclosed in March that the London game would be the first to be streamed, but didn’t say who would have it.

The match will be well out of prime time — running at 9:30 AM ET and 6:30 AM PT. It will also be televised live in the teams’ local markets (WIVB in Buffalo and WTEV in Jacksonville). Many analysts fear that ISPs would be overwhelmed trying to handle demand for a major live streamed event, such as the Super Bowl.

Yahoo and the NFL didn’t say how much the company paid for the digital rights to the game, or the revenue splits for advertising. But Sports Business Daily says that Yahoo’s outlay is similar to what CBS and Fox pay, and adds that CBS Sports will handle the production and provide the announcers. The NFL also reportedly is shopping social media rights for the game.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer calls this an “historic opportunity” that “marks a significant change in the way users can access this amazing content. The NFL and Yahoo have both long engaged football fans around the world. Our partnership provides the ultimate football experience — with digital availability, designed for the modern fan.”


I can’t believe I have a huge workday between now and tonight’s NBA game. This series is white hot. The first time the first two games of the finals have gone to OT ever. I still think the Warriors will win in 5 or 6, but it’s getting to the point where it’s a little more unclear, and it’s been intensely competitive. Giddy up.


Though they beat the Rockets, I’m pulling for the Warriors.


Clearly you don’t watch much NBA basketball if you don’t think it’s a combat sport. :slight_smile:


I’m a rugby fan, no I don’t consider tall blokes pushing each other and sometimes falling down to be a contact sport. :wink:


Even American Football?


The NBA Finals prominently features two Aussies. They’re dirty as hell. One has left a wake of injuries behind him by kamikaze bombing people’s knees.


What about it? Please discuss in the sports thread.

Super-strict mod!


If I plan to write in Steph Curry on my presidential ballot next year then shouldn’t talk about the NBA Finals go in this thread?


Yes that’s right, talk about NBA finals can go in this therad.


"The starring hand played by Australian basketballer Matthew Dellavedova during the NBA finals hasn’t escaped the notice of his home town, Maryborough, with the local basketball association calling for a stadium to be named in his honour.

“He’s an NBA player. He’s here for a reason, so there is a reason he’s able to impact the game,” said Golden State’s Steph Curry. “He has made some plays the last couple games that helped them win, so there is no discrediting him as a player just because of where he’s come from and his background.”

And now, it’s the people from his humble beginnings that are returning the favour.

“He’s certainly put Maryborough on the world map, it’s just fantastic”, said Johnson. “He’s done an amazing job.”"


Ireland v Scotland in just about an hour.

Massive game for both teams, but having not seen Scotland play in a major tournament since I was about 18 years old I think its an even bigger game for us. There’s kids who are university age now who have never seen Scotland play at a World Cup or Euros in their lifetime, I pray this is the tournament we resolve it.


Good luck to both. When it comes to sport I support Wales, then any Celtic team, so Ireland v Scotland is always one when I am genuinely neutral.

I am very happy today at Wales’ result last night, topping the group after beating Belgium (ranked by FIFA as 2nd best team in the world after Germany). It will very likely propel us into the top 20 in the world which is amazing for a country of 3 million people and who were 140th or something similar just a few years back.

Oh and if you think your wait is bad Chris, it’s been since 1958 for us. You need to be in your 60s to have realistically watched a game in a major championship. :smile:



That was a great result again for you guys, it’s looking good. Would be nice to see all 5 nations at the Euros, but it’s likely only going to be one out of the two between Scotland and Ireland.

1-1 was an ok result for us, not great but not a disaster. Worse result for Ireland really. Poland will be delighted.


I am absolutely gutted. We let in an OG. In what was basically the most important match of the qualifying campaign…one we knew we had to win. Seriously, what is that about? I know that we were missing McGeady and Robbie Keane, but there is no excuse for that.

I may be more conciliatory tomorrow.

Ah well, I support Republic of Ireland…Why do I allow myself to hope when I know that my hopes are going to be dashed against the rocks.

I support Aston Villa as well, so I assume that just means that I’m a glutton for punishment :wink:


I remember this day so vividly. Even living 200 miles away I watched every moment on TV.


Anyone watching the Women’s World Cup? I am not just talking about US Hope Solo and Alex Morgan…