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The Spirit newspaper


I had a lot of fun curating and contributing to a tribute to Will Eisner’s Spirit on the centenary of his birth. It was published by the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and is available exclusively from Here’s the cover by Becky Cloonan and the page I did with Ed Brubaker…


That’s great. Some excellent other talents involved there too. I’ll have to pick up a copy.


(Is anyone else having trouble ordering from Page45? I can’t add the book to my basket or go through to checkout.)


It’s not allowing me either…


I contacted Page45 and they said they were doing some website updates today so things weren’t all working as they should. It should be fine tomorrow.


I’ve just managed to check out with no problems.


Look at the size of that thing!

(That’s an oversized hardcover for reference.)

What a fun comic. I’ve only read a couple of strips so far but it’s a treat to see so many great talents doing fun little shorts at such a large page size.


It is something isn’t it. Didn’t know what to expect when I opened it but you really are in for a treat.