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The Special CASE(my webcomic)


I use to be a somewhat active member of this community long ago…I did a few competitions here and there, a few collaborations and such…a couple art jams. It’s been a while since I’ve visited an honest to goodness message board, but I wanted to share my comic with those who might appreciate it so here goes:

Been working on this comic for years (most of a decade actually), working a day job and doing this when I can. Any and all feedback is welcome.


how did you do a web comic?


Not sure I understand what you’re asking. How was I able to do a webcomic or how did I physically do it? Do you want technical stuff or just a broad overview of my process? The question as is is very broad. Thank you very much for looking though!


i guess like how to set up a site? if that helps I would like to do my comic as a web comic not sure how to get started lol


Ah, okay. I looked up free comic web hosting and found Comic Fury:

It’s a great site that makes it easy to manage your comic. Just sign up and follow their specs. I did a little research before committing to this site and found it to be well suited for my needs. Hope that helps you out.


Thanks I appreciate that


No problem.