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The Spark. Comic (If you want to read it, Just let me know))

This is a comic that i did some time ago (It gets depressing thinking about how long) With a friend; The Faboulus, Nahuel Sagarnaga, that, lucklily, now works full time for the industry.

Looking a it is, somehow, a bittesweet experience; In one hand, i´m proud to see how i was able to write a story that holds itself together enough to be entertaining. On the other hand, there was SO MUCH i didn´t know about making a comic work as it should, that some of the part are, i must admit, a little embarrasing.

All and all, i still like the story and, specially, the characters (I always wanted to go back to them in some point of my life… maybe, sometime i will.).

Now, in order to read it. Just ask for it and i will e-mail it for you

Here is some teaser:



Any Takers?

Ok, now i´ve got three.

Can I make it to four?