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The Smallest Hill You'd Die On


Having traveled numerous times through NM, Arizona, and southern Colorado I must say it contains some of the most beautiful canyons and such, but overall I got the weirdest claustrophobic feeling out in the middle of nothing, and I think it is because it is visually clear that one is driving around on the bottom of what was once a giant ocean, complete with bathtub rings on all the hills! My id kicks in with afraid-of-the-dark images of all that water suddenly returning. (If I had a phobia, closest would be fear of tidal waves or tsunami - and I don’t think a very logical fear is phobic; have no associated symptoms other than DO. NOT. WANT.) It’s very nice on the high ground where Lake Bonneville or whatever once was, Sedona and Flagstaff are both lovely. (If you like dry and pine-y.)

Don’t know how long ago you lived in NM, Robert (I bet it’s a while), but one factor is interesting. I’ve noticed - mostly in SW Colorado - a bigger media presence for our Native Americans. Hopefully quietly (they do not need to draw the attention of this Administration) there are short films, even features, with native tongues and dubbing/captions. Despite the neglect and suppression this strength is growing again. Yet, most popular media still presents their life as uneducated hangers-on. Archaic and hopefully obsolete stereotyping, if you ask me.


Yeah. My dad’s a doctor, and he often got annoyed by similar stuff. He did like a few programs though; ER being one of them.


No it isn’t although that geographically is quite correct because it’s so small they didn’t have much choice.

By the way we’re veering off a little here with Red Robin and lazy dads into general moans about stories or ‘tv tropes’. That’s not quite what the ‘smallest hill’ is about, it’s about accuracy in an area you know very well.


I think most of you know my thoughts when they get NZ wrong.
Honestly makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

deep breath
whispers softly “Don’t engage it’s Friday night. Just ignore it”

It is incredibly easy to get the small stuff right. A lot of the time it comes down to budget and that people just don’t care.
They could espouse about the lack of A vs B but a few creators need to take a hard look at their own back yard before they go around proclaiming being the champion of certain beliefs.

I will say one quick story.

A creator reached out for someone with experience in New Zealand and Maori culture. A friend of the boards put them in touch with me who in turn put them in touch with an actual expert.

Now this creator probably didn’t need to go to these lengths based on what he was trying to create but the fact that he was willing to seek out the correct information without barrelling ahead all guns blazing speaks volumes.

The parts are so minor that I was surprised he reached out at all but he just “got” it.

Once its made public I will point it out and let you know what was achieved


Any medical hills to yodel on? Where a show or book or whatever got things right?


I realised that when I’d started typing but, well, never miss an excuse (no matter how inaccurate) for a moan.


I’m thinking …


It’s not a general moan. It’s something I know very well, and kicks me straight out of a given story. But, is completely irrelevant to pretty much anyone/ everyone else. I thought that was exactly what you asked about. YMMV.


Not quite. The idea is a subject in real life you know a lot about that is either misrepresented (die) or more rarely done really well (yodel). The examples in the first post were actually real life stories, one of which was clearly wrong, the other was done very well.

If you do know Tim Drake personally as an old school friend I do apologise in advance. :smile:


Irish accents. They’re localized so they should be right for each region. And the actors need to get the accents right.

Though the biggest hill I’d die on involves a certain Zac Snyder movie.


Exactly and it’s a poor excuse nowadays after Tom Cruise showed how it should be done. :wink:


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole?


Ahh, okay. You mean like the funny Indian sidekick trope? Or the Indian doctor, with the accent? Or Crazy Rich Asians featuring no one from the sub-continent?


Probably M :star: A :star: S :star: H - more Altman’s movie, which got near the grit. The series had to be sanitized, of course, and the language was much cleaner than in any field hospital. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was the fading horror of 1950’s asylums and state hospitals. (Just fading away when I started, but the tales were still fresh and abundant.) The other might be (of all things) A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors ([1987]. Not much of the staff would be tolerated for a quick second on any staff I was on, not even Larry Fishburne. But the general layout and the kids hanging out in their rooms and such all felt familiar. All the details were wrong, of course, and littered with actions that would have gotten the whole place shut down.


To a degree but probably more specific than that as that hits tropes.


X-men Origins: Wolverine…

Oh you want me to be more specific, okay.

In one of the fights with Sabertooth Wolverine lands on a car and crushes it due to the weight of his skeleton. He spends the rest of the film riding around on a motorbike…


Tell me about it. There are no jobs in journalism! Took me right out of it.


I had to be physically restrained and given anti-hypertensives the day House took over a NICU, and was banned from watching television for a month.


Sometimes I just love you dearly!


We love you too Miqque