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The Smallest Hill You'd Die On


I’m blatantly ripping this off Kemode and Mayo’s BBC film show where they had a feature on ‘the smallest hill you’d die on’ about when you watch something and a small detail on a subject you know about drives you mad. For example many Londoners went nuts at Thor 2 when he was on the tube and asked for advice on when to get off the train which was completely wrong, Londoners are very very serious about tube stops which can power lengthy conversations. :smile:

I had one yesterday watching The Crown with the wife. They had the Queen meet the PM of Malaysia and went to the trouble of including accurate Malay spoken through an interpreter. However every Malaysian PM has been perfectly fluent in English and Abdul Rahman, the one in question in 1958, studied in Cambridge University with a degree in Arts in Law and History. They wasted their time sourcing the Malay dialogue as he’d have been conversing in English and would never have had an interpreter on a visit to the UK where he’d already lived for 3 years previously.

As a counterpoint they have a ‘hill to yodel on’ where they get the smallest details perfectly right. My nomination for that is Invictus. A slight worry comes with a Hollywood adaptation of what is a very niche sport in the US in rugby (of which I am a massive fan and watch loads of games including the one in the film live many years ago). They recreated all the moves on the pitch and even the referee calls exactly as they should be and I was pleasantly surprised.

(They did have 5’10" Matt Damon play 6’5" Francois Pienaar but I’ll forgive that one as they need a name to sell the movie and his performance is pretty good otherwise).

Anyone else have some? Cue science nerds with several thousand. :smile:


Legal ones are ten a penny, too many to choose from. It is a bit maddening when major procedural aspects are completely changed/overlooked because they get in the way of the drama.

I remember a lot of people complaining about the car chase in The Bourne Identity because of the way it butchers Paris geography. I tend not to mind that stuff if it keeps the action going though.


In comic-dom, the biggest one for me is Storm’s dad being American. That was a big deal for me at the time that her mom is an African princess and her Dad is an American .

Oh my God that was a long time ago, but I still feel that “woah” moment. Now, as the character is adapted into other media, her father is erased and she’s just “African” they rarely mention Kenya or the Serengetti. I always, and I mean always, get huffy in conversations when her dad is erased from her past.


I know a repeat one is British judges using gavels to call for order in court. They don’t use them and it’s just been copied from US legal dramas so people unfamiliar with actual courts think it looks right.


I showed an American friend the car chase from Bullet when she was living in San Francisco and she said “Yeah, that makes no logical sense whatsoever.”

On a side note I imagine I will use this thread a lot.


The Thor franchise is really shit with this stuff. The first movie is set in New Mexico but the town is not remotely like any town in New Mexico. They just don’t look like that.

The four places I’ve lived almost my whole life, Maine, Boston, New York, and New Mexico, are in lots of movies and TV shows and they always get it wrong. I just try to ignore it.


The second series of Broadchurch was largely a courtroom drama, and it was amazing how much stuff was just plain wrong. Not just stuff that people with legal expertise would notice, but obviously illogical stuff like discussing inadmissible evidence in front of a jury, or having witnesses sit in on the trial before they give evidence.

No-one wants to watch a show about dull legal minutiae, but they ran roughshod over so much stuff like that that it became laughable.


I’d say most use of computers in movies only ever requiring a keyboard and never a mouse, but that’s more a bugbear than a hill I’d die on, because you could technically get away with using just a keyboard for a lot of stuff, it’s just no-one in their right mind would want to. I guess flailing away at keyboards is more cinematic that moving and clicking a mouse.

But poor and wrong-headed depictions of video games is a hill I’d die on. I always remember seeing a bit of Coronation Street, years ago, where one of the Platt kids is deeply engrossed in a Game Boy that has no cartridge in. He’d be seeing a corrupt boot screen and nothing more. I’m not expecting Coronation Street to have him accurately tell me about level 4-3 of Super Mario Land, but knowing to put a cart in the console is pretty basic prop knowledge, frankly. I really hate scripts written by someone who thinks they understand video games that clearly don’t, especially when it involves someone “hacking a game’s source code”.

You can always tell when an actor’s never held a joypad before as well, as there’s a frantic, meandering quality to their thumb movements that doesn’t reflect any game they could be playing. I’d yodel about the Gilmore Girls on that hill, as it was always good at showing Zack and Brian playing games believably. In fact, they’d actually show the screen sometimes, rather than just faking it, which was impressive.


I think the Spaced commentaries mentioned the videogame thing as a cliché they hated, and wanted to make sure they got right. There’s a scene with Tim playing Tomb Raider that was a minor revelation as it actually looked like he was really playing a videogame.


When a car hits a fire hydrant and water shoots 20 feet in the air is way beyond wrong. Hydrants are designed to break upon impact to prevent geysers. Worst case scenario is water will bubble up around the base.


I will die on the hill that they should NEVER change this!


More like drown on that hill… :wink:

In my early days at Public Works, someone hit a hydrant and knocked it off its base. (It leaked a very tiny bit.) What was wild is that whoever did it, left the scene with the fire hydrant. Those things weigh a few hundred pounds! I guess they wanted a souvenir!


This happens in comics quite a bit where they show fire hydrants sticking out of the ground in UK scenes. They don’t have them. They are below ground under the pavement and are indicated by a yellow H sign nearby so firemen can see where they are.


Interesting conversation - I can’t really think of anything just now, because I’ve got a quite a big tolerance level of this stuff, but I’m sure there must be something.


Yeah to be honest I think this is just a part of film and how it gets made and how they pick locations it’s so frequent. Twin Town is filmed where I was brought up and made by a local director and they drive a car just behind where my flat in Swansea is and turn a corner to appear 7 miles away not far from my mother’s house in a nearby town.

It’s probably more a hill to yodel on if a film ever does get it geographically correct. Thor 2 was only really noteworthy as they put the incorrect directions into the actual dialogue.


Hillocks, hillocks, hillocks! My landscape looks like molehills from here to the horizon. Yeah, may make a few entries on this thread.

I know psych units and therapy. None of it has ever been portrayed properly. I also know doctor’s offices and emergency rooms/departments. On this:

  • Staff stay calm. Always. Nobody yells at anybody else (more than about once).
  • Nobody runs. It’s against the rules and all good sense.
  • Some use the word “stat” - rarely. It’s like saying “fuck” in front of the Pope.
  • Public address systems are turned very low or off. ER is usually quiet enough to tell where people are or what they are doing by sound.
  • It can get crowded. Add families, folks from other departments (mostly radiology and Respiratory), police (lots of these), and of course the patients and it can get to be a zoo. That’s usually quickly straightened out by the ward clerk and charge nurse.
  • MICU is rarely seen, but usually there’s an MICURN or two to support EMTs and such. Not unusual to have one nurse on (what was once the radio and is now phones) comm duty.
  • Water is now more popular than coffee. But there had damned well better be coffee!
  • Janitors/housekeeping (usually now called “Environmental Services”) are critical, highly respected and thanked often. (Such staff on psych units are vetted as much as other staff, and maybe watched more.)
  • Nobody likes bad smells.

I could go on. That’ll do for now.


So Portmeirion isn’t a prison for former spies and intelligence operatives?


Kids TV programs… The stereotype of unflappable mother who calmly deals with all problems in her stride without ever losing her temper. I’d like to see her once in a while lose her shit and yell “Just stop screaming for a minute! I wish I never had children!”. The useless cunt father who is alway useless is the other irritation. I know I shouldn’t let preschool kids TV get to me but these wind me up. Lazy lazy writing.


There was some bad TV series years ago set in Houston. In a few scenes, you can see mountains. Uh, no.


When people say Tim Drake was never Robin, and was always Red Robin. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

When, often the same people, claim Tim’s not his real name and his parents are still alive, hiding in witness protection somewhere. C’mon, what messed up world do you live in.

When people claim it’s an “S”. No it isn’t. Why would a centuries old alien culture use our alphabet, for crying out loud!