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The Shallows

It’s daft, but really good fun.

I won’t spoil anything, but please don’t go in thinking this was based on a true story (as someone did to me yesterday) as it just makes you go WTF all the way through the movie.

I love shark flicks and in a summer devoid of pretty much anything this was very very welcome!!



I enjoyed this film a fair bit. The clever bits were clever and the fun bits were fun.

I kept thinking it would have been stronger filmed in 16mm or something like that…perhaps because of when I was raised I think of material like this in terms of raw and grainy, not HD digital video with CGI seagulls. Not that this ruined the movie—just an observation.

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So true.

The helmet cam and the TEXTS APPEARING ON SCREEN thing is so damn annoying and will date even good movies so badly. This would have been tons better had it looked like a classic movie.

The ending is completely mental, which is why my thinking it was a TRUE STORY pulled me right out. Annoying, but not the fault of the film-makers.


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I actually thought the texting and different forms of video was fun. The director was playing around with that stuff in Non-Stop and I think he’d progressed with it here.

I quite liked the music but I’m not sure that the film has released an official soundtrack, which is pretty annoying.

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I found it so distracting and in terms of modernity I think it’s going to look like a movie mullet in 5 years!

Creed had exactly the same problem, though I otherwise really enjoyed it.


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Have you seen Unfriended?

It takes all that to another level using social media media and various communications tools - but there’s actually some real ingenuity involved and I found it quite effective there - because it was the point of the whole movie - but you are right it does cause these movies to age pretty badly very quickly.

Is there a big difference between using things to set a movie in the present versus making it date more easily? Ultimates had a lot of pop culture references and cameos by famous people of the time. Do you think that will date the book, or just firmly entrench it as the post-9/11 Avengers?

Obviously The Shallows is quite different, and a shark attack story could be set whenever, but I appreciated the attempt to show how many people communicate these days.

There’s a difference between showing someone texting and showing the texts on screen, I think.

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