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The Secret Loves of Geek Girls - This is cool!


An excellent Canadian by the name of Hope Nicholson puts together the most interesting stuff. I’m a big fan of what she’s been doing with her Canadian superhero project as it’s been a real, real passion for her and it shows, the book just absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, this is her Kick-Starter campaign for an all-female anthology and though I rarely push Kick-Starters (there’s so many out there) I really want to bring this to your attention as it looks great and I have a feeling it’s going to be brilliant. A lot of tremendous talent involved here.



That looks like an awesome project! :thumbsup:


Hi Big Daddy, can you pass along your details to one of the mods? We need you to give permission to use your pics in the back of the next issue. Also, what age is Hit-Girl?



I sent Blake a release but I’ll make sure she got it, Hit-Girl is 12.


Cool. We’ll need your consent too for the pics. I’ll let Blake know!



I backed her Nelvana Kickstarter. I didn’t really like the comics once I got my hands on them but I applaud what she’s doing trying to archive these old comics (I’m sure she had a second KS reprinting another old school comic). While this seems to be a different type of project it does sound cool.


Next issue of which title?


Hmm. Sounds to me like Miqque hasn’t been picking up ALL THE BOOKS if he asks that question :smile:




Hey! What? Where? Did I miss one? How? Who?