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The Punisher on Netflix Discussion


I think a character like her is kind of necessary for these more “grounded” superhero shows on Netflix. A normal person who doesn’t have a preexisting relationship with the super powered lead to keep the more fantastical elements from untethering the show from recognizable reality. It helps that she works a pretty rough job herself, so she can be both tougher than the average bear while remaining undeniably human. My wife, who does not care a whit for comics, really likes her character. Also, it’s Rosario Dawson, and she’s pretty damn great


And when she was doing that, she was fine… however since Luke Cage she pretty much stopped being a nurse and she’s just this sort of unfazed, sarcastic comedy relief/romantic interest thing that doesn’t serve any purpose and honestly just detracts from the other more important characters.


I dunno, she seemed plenty fazed in Iron Fist and Defenders. She’s just the level headed one while the “heroes,” except for Jessica, descend into emotional morasses and can’t seem to get back on track because they’re so busy navel gazing.

I haven’t finished the Punisher, so I don’t know if Karen plays that role in his show.


Shows like these live or die on the ability to suspend a viewer’s disbelief. Claire stretches that way beyond the breaking point.

Some of the most egregious examples:

  • she’s the John McClane of the Netflix MU. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time once is understandable; twice is a little weird; all the time is pushing things.
  • taking on Hand ninjas after a few martial arts lessons with Colleen, instead of running, screaming for the hills. I know martial arts; I studied them for a couple of decades. No one gets that good (or even competent, really) that quickly.
  • All the sly, “I know a guy” gags. But, never actually calling that guy when the shit hits the fan.


Good observation on Curtis. I was also afraid they’d kill him off the entire series. Great character, and I’m so glad he’s still around.

I am on the opposite side on Russo; he really worked for me. Clearly, he does like Frank and probably really liked his family. He’s truly sorry for the way things went down. He also likes Curtis, in spite of everything.

But at the same time, he himself always comes first. He does have a weird code of honour, but he’s mainly a cold-blooded mercenary, and he’ll kill anybody who endangers him or his position. And he’s greedy - not really for money, but for social status.

Rawlins pissed him off, he didn’t respect him. Respect means a lot to Russo. And at that point, he planned on simply shooting Frank when it was finished and didn’t think anything could go wrong with that.


I’m pretty certain we’re going to get the Gnuccis as the Season 2 villains.

Sure they could bring Russo back, but I think a Frank versus the Mob plot could allow more variation.


Well they set Russo up to become Jigsaw, so it’s fairly probable he’ll come back at some point.

I’d love to see Tombstone, the Rose and Hammerhead and those sort of Spidey villains that’ll probably never be used in a spidey flick… I mean in the Netflix shows, not necessarily in the Punsiher one.


I think he’d work better in S3. It’d be the obvious move to wake him up for S2.


I think The Rose would be perfect for Punisher.


Yeah, season 2 needs someone different.

What about Bullseye? Maybe they want to use him on DD, but if not, I’d like to see him in Punisher.


The Punisher - We finished this earlier this week and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Jon Bernthal is by far the best thing about this show. He embodies Frank Castle. I loved the use of Micro too. I thought the show took on a myriad of things from gun control to government conspiracies but didn’t quite focus on them. They were more a backdrop to Frank’s struggle. PTSD was a part of that but I think the show was really about loss. Contrasting Frank and Micro with this was pretty deft. It was incredibly well paced and kept us engaged throughout the season. My only minor complaint was that the last episode felt slightly tacked on like they had to devote an episode to Billy’s origin as Jigsaw. I would have been fine with a token scar or something similar. This is by far the best Marvel Netflix show since Daredevil Season 1.


It was unbelievably brutal how they made Billy into Jigsaw. At first I was like, OK, he’ll have some scars from this. But is that enough to warrant “Jigsaw”?

Then it kept going.


It seemed a bit overwrought to me. I don’t mind brutal but it just seemed off to the way some of the other violence was portrayed. Having Frank cut him with a knife or having something explode in his face seems more apt. That’s just me though. Billy Russo was much more interesting than Jigsaw has ever been.


I liked it in a “I’ve never seen something like that before” way. But I can see why it would feel over the top.


Yeah, I mean the guy did kill his family… I’m not surprised he went that far… quite the opposite.


Oh, I don’t think it was an extreme reaction for Frank. It just seemed a bit of an odd bit of torture that didn’t fit the character and only meant to serve to get the character to Jigsaw status.

It’s a relatively small niggle with a show that made almost no wrong steps. I really enjoyed the whole thing.


[full Klingon mode on] And it was glorious!