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The Punisher on Netflix Discussion


Ep 1 has the most hilarious pre-credit sequence I think I will ever see:

“I’m the last survivor of the cartel and I’m safe in Mexico!”

Click, minute later, blam. One dead bastard.

Over the border, in El Paso, Texas, Frank Castle has set up a BFG sniper version!

As to the ep proper, it was obvious something would set Frank off so what was it? Three of the most deserving recipients of extreme violence you could ever hope to find. What happened was utterly brutal, but so very merited. Then there were the mobsters…

Strangely, after the sheer violence of the first episode it becomes relatively quieter, with only one or two deaths per episode. We get to see the full version of Frank’s epic slay-a-thon in Afghanistan. The last ep, ep 5, where that utter arse Agent Orange watches remotely as Frank and Gunnar, with some help from MIcro, take out his entire 8-man kill team. In effect, the sequence in the office is of him slowly crapping himself.

So far, so good, will continue tomorrow.




It looks like I need an internet connection to use Chromecast.


Set your phone up as an internet hit spot. Also you might want to look into Roku - that’s what I use.


I had a Roku box (like @Jim) before I got rid of my TV. There’s a Netflix app, and one called Plex you can get to stream video from your PC to the box.


That sounds like something Frank Castle would set up.


Oh, someone needs to do that story - death by internet.


Isn’t that like every other episode of Black Mirror?


Eps 6-9

Story is definitely getting wobbly now.

The plot with Micro’s family is heading in a predictable direction.

As for Madani and Stein - meh. First, it’s the usual, stock depiction of people at work playing crappy power games - comes across as fake, but maybe I’m just lucky to not work with a pile of gits. Second, I’m supposed to buy that she gave a crap about him? Again, nope. About the only thing she does seem to care about is regularly hooking up with her shag buddy Pretty Billy.

Lewis - I want this little bastard to die a slow, lingering death - preferably with his gob duct-taped so we don’t have to listen to his whinging about how hard done he is. He has had every feckin’ chance to get himself together, help offered and he’s turned it all down because he wants a pity party and then goes full blown conspiracy.

Pretty Billy and Rawlins - They’ll get theirs but I’m not seeing how yet, still 4 eps to go.

Karen Page - This felt off, like who did she think Frank was? He’s not going to stop, he’s never going to stop, it’s not going to happen.

Still, will see how it ends tomorrow.


So… All done.

There were a few mis-steps along the way to the end. First, the plot Lewis - was there a point to that beyond the ending whereby it exposes Frank? It wasn’t entirely without merit, touching on ideas of what happens after the battlefield and, in the form of O’Connor, people laying claim to what isn’t theirs. But in the end the idiot goes so far into conspiracy mode, starts bombing people for the sake of an imaginary war that I just wanted him dead.

The assault on Frank and Micro’s HQ has to be the firefight to end them all, with Frank taking out the entire assault force, by covert and overt means. After that, it kind of went off the rails, with the sequences with Frank, Rawlins and Russo. I don’t quite see why Russo helped Frank, unless he thought Rawlins was going to turn on his so better for Frank to kill him then he can kill Frank. Rarely has there been such a deserving recipient of extreme violence, though it was a bit hard to buy that he was still standing and walking around after being knifed in the heart! Still, loved that Frank went absolutely medieval on him - multiple stabbing, blinding and beating.

Russo - The series kind of lost it with this character, having previously had him leading the assault team that Madani takes on, he then becomes this hands-off, human shield using arsehole who, in the full Klingon meaning, “has no honour!” To the degree that it really undermined the final fight with him and Frank. The show is called the Punisher, so let’s see Russo get punished, stuff the drama, just put the bastard through hell already. Despite it being very laboured to get there, I loved that Frank ran Russo’s pretty face all the way down a cracked mirror. But, if he was going to leave him alive, at least break his arms and legs so if he ever wakes up he can do sweet feck all while looking like crap.

Curtis was probably my favourite character in the series and I was forever thinking they were going to off him for da drama. Fortunately, they didn’t. Curtis is the one military character in it that, more or less, has himself together. He knows he has his difficulties, he knows he can’t solve them instantly or by himself and he knows going back to war, even if he were able to isn’t the solution either. He doesn’t know what it is, but he knows what it isn’t and accepts that’s enough for the day-to-day.

I’ll admit the plot with Micro’s family surprised me. These days the expectation would be that that’ll all go to crap, the wife will be pissed, so will the kids and no happy ending. That a load of bastards went after them does give Micro’s reason for hiding far more credibility, but even so, resolving that as they did took some nerve. It was good that they did.

Overall, they were going for more of a slow-burning tale compared to where Frank made his debut. That was moderately successful, but I think it’s fair to say it still fell victim to the charge of padding, but to a lesser degree than other series. They also tried to do something more than Frank simply killing a load of scumbags every episode, though that would be superbly entertaining if they managed to do it with sufficient variety. The one big misfire was the sledgehammer subtlety handling of gun rights, it felt out of place and just bad, especially as it started in response to bombings.

Despite all that, it’s the third Netflix series I’ve finished, so it must have done a lot right, will be interesting to see what they do on season 2. I also benefited by watching this immediately after Daredevil S2, it was a very smooth transition.


And no Claire Temple :+1:t3:


Something wrong with Claire Temple?


And thank jeebus for that… I hope they break her & luke off-screen for the next season.


I don’t know, I think we really needed Claire to point out stuff like Frank being scary enough without needing to paint a skull on his chest. Without her, the viewers have no way of knowing whether the writers think comic books are silly.


Wow…haters gonna hate, I guess…


Well I mean, to be fair she was okay in DD1 and the rather limited appearance in DD2 & JJ… but other than that, heavy handed filler character… she served her purpose, time to say bye bye.


Yeah, I like her in DD. She’s become grating in the other shows, though. Each (non-Punisher) show already has one or two characters who wink at the audience and lampshade comic book tropes, we don’t need her doing the same as a guest star.


I always thought that the contrast of someone devoted to healing to people whose primary purpose is to inflict violence was interesting. I don’t think she’s there for comic fans so much as she exists as a surrogate for the non-geekboy members of the audience. To be fair, I didn’t see Iron Fist.


Well, that explains why I’ve no idea of what you’re all talking about!

One thing that also stood out on Punisher was the theme tune. They’ve come nowhere close to matching Daredevil’s theme on the other series, but Punisher’s is damn good.


I absolutely loved her in Iron Fist. She, Colleen, and Madame Gao are the only parts of that show I like. I think she provided a necessary balance point between the obsessions Danny and Colleen would go through. And really, I love the dinner scene where Danny went full creep, Clair wingmanned for Colleen until Colleen told her it was okay.

Never too much Claire.