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The Punisher on Netflix Discussion


Goes up this Friday, and the embargo is lifted:

I might watch it eventually, but it’s not a priority for me.


(Not actually Paul’s quote but from the Indiewire review).

Looks like the same old problem.


Fuck these guys and their ‘wrong time’

This is entertainment it’s got fuck all to do with your feelings on the politics on gun laws or mass shootings.

There’s a real wave of critics and audiences who are trying to limit and control what everyone else creates or enjoys as entertainment.

I wish they’d fuck off. Just fuck right off.

If you watch a couple of episodes and you find it hurts your sensitive sensibilities then don’t watch any more.


The contributors on my site loved the show. Here’s their spoiler-free review:


The AV club gave the first six episodes a positive review, though they noted the tendency of the Netflix Marvel shows up fall apart in the back half


So, anyone start this yet?


Just home from work, gonna kick it off tonight, but I’m travelling for work next week so I might keep it to watch in the hotel at night.


Just finished episode 1. Good start, if a bit by the numbers. If you’re not a fan of the violence in Daredevil, you’ll want to skip this. The fight at the end of the ep is easily the most brutal thing the MCU has shown thus far.


I’ve watched the first three episodes. Maybe I’m just not in the mood for it right now, but it’s not terribly exciting so far. It’s not bad or anything. But I am thinking maybe The Punisher works better as a guest star.


The first ep may as well have had the young kid played by a puppy and the other construction workers in Nazi outfits.


My mate watched pretty much all of it last night and is raving about it. He’s not really a comic book guy and is generally pretty negative about superhero shows and movies in general, so I’m feeling pretty positive about this.

Although he did love BvS haha

My plan was to finish Daredevil season 2 first (I was enjoying it but wanted my wife to watch DD, as we watched JJ and most of Luke Cage together - but I’m getting fed up waiting on us finishing LC and moving onto DD) but I’m so excited for The Punisher that i might just need to jump straight to this.

I might watch the excellent Punisher episodes again of DD s2 though.



Speaking of violence… wow yeah, if you’re not into that sort of thing, definetly skip this show, because the last 2 eps it gets REALLY violent. GoT levels of violence.

It was an okay series. I thought the pacing was a lot better this time around, the 13 episodes felt like a complete story, even though it had obviously a lot of filler, but it didn’t feel as bad (though I have to admit I kept skipping the dreams 'cause boring). But in general it kept me up binging it no problem.

The one thing I didn’t necessarily like was how they treated the gun issue in a rather, uh… I dunno, half assed way, I’d say. I’m no sure what was the message or what they were going for, but eh, I’m not an american so who the fuck knows.

Anyways, yes this is BY FAR the most violent and mature Marvel anything… it’s kinda ridiculous you don’t see dicks and nipples because even the sex scenes are rather graphic, they just cover the offending bits. Kind of a funny meta-commentary on the whole ridiculousness of sex / violence thing in the US. So fuckin’ dumb, but what you gonna do? :smile:


Only watched the first episode so far. Pretty workmanlike, but I can’t see any clear missteps that could show up to turn it into a disaster, at least. My worst fear is that it’ll be bland, but at least Bernthal is great. The notion that a skinny white guy would wanna pick a fight with him is hilarious, though.


Well, they were convinced he was a “retard”… so… yeah =P


I still don’t think I’d want to mess with a “retard” that looks like John Bernthal o.O



I’m enjoying it, though could do without the flashbacks to his wife. They’re a little too idyllic and feel fake, and the actress is annoying. The flashbacks with his kids are better handled; I especially liked the one on the ferry.

Really enjoying the twisted dynamic between Frank and Micro. And Agent Madani is (as her boss says) a badass.


I’m not sure how they did it but episode two managed to pull off Karen Page: Hard Hitting Journalist without making me want to jam sharp objects into my ears, so that’s quite an accomplishment.


3 eps in, no complaints. The lack of anything “super powered” helps it- this feels like a grounded crime story completely unrelated to MCU.