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The Pox of Social Media

Okay, we all know Brie Larson is a bit of a dick, but this taking a couple of moments out of context thing to make her look like a cunt has really gotten out of hand.

It’s hard to even blame the people pushing it on social media and youtube because actual news outlets have been doing this so heavily over the past few years and gotten away with it that it’s become acceptable.

It’s basically just ruining someone’s career for likes and clicks. I hope Disney have the good sense to back her to the hilt, it’s ridiculous.


What are you referring to?


Basically at a press junket the last few days someone cut a clip - it may have been Variety initially - that made it look like Larson and Hemsworth were having a spat. It was completely out of context and they were going back and forth sarcastically with each other all day, in that and other interviews.

The initial article left it open for the reader to decide but hinted at rumours of people hating Larson behind the scenes. In truth Larson barely knows or worked with any of them for long and was on Endgame set for a reasonably short time before even filming Captain Marvel.

So basical everyone jumped on this and fuelled the fire up to 90 and has made her look pretty awful. And if I’m honest, I was struggling to like her and I’m still not overly fond, but she was pretty affable in the interviews, even the one the out of context sarcastic rant was taken from.

I’m not going to link any of it, I just felt like complaining, it’s annoyed me a lot.


Well that’s how clickbait works… it also works the other way around where tey try to make them all super cute and the funniest thing ever…

But hey, considering how agressive she comes off all the time, expect more of the same… :smile:

Ok gotcha.

Hating Brie Larson feels like an exhausting use of one’s time. There has to be something better for these people to do. And I say that as someone who thought CM was pretty mediocre.


After watching the trailer for her unicorn movie I’m afraid I can’t help myself. I can’t stand her.


I guess I’m completely out of the Brie Larson loop. I didn’t know she was alleged to be a “dick” or difficult. I know she’s Captain Marvel and appeared in the last King Kong movie and has been targeted by the MRA crowd, but I’m not enough of a fan to seek out information on her.

I would guess that the vast majority of people fall into my camp. Internet shitstorms can seem like these giant controversies, but unless you’re in the middle of them or watching them go down, they’re invisible to most people. Like how gamergate or comicsgate can seem like these huge things, but 99% of the population is oblivious to them. Or how we can wring our hands over James Gunn being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy, but how many people outside of internet nerd culture could even tell you who directed it?


I can understand why. But I hate shit being taken out of context in that way.

Unfortunately, despite that, it can destroy people’s career and livelihood.

I can’t stand a few people in the public eye, but I don’t need out of context skewed attacks to influence my opinions either way and can see past shit like that regardless, but many other people jump on bandwagons and someone’s career gets fucked in the process over clicks and likes.

Brie Larsons career is perfectly fine. She’s got a billion dollar franchise and is the centerpiece of Marvel for the next decade. She’s probably one of the top ten safest actors in Hollywood. She could shoot a baby in Times Square and Disney would call it a PR stunt.

She won the acting lottery.


Like Renner.

It’s not her I’m worried about, it’s the process of taking stuff out of context as clear narrative. Larson is fine, a lot of others won’t be, but in general it’s a case of simple ethics. It’s defamatory and has no place on the internet. Context is a really important thing and if I have to defend shitty people to make that point I’m happy enough.

Say I released a comic and some people didn’t like me, chopped a bit out of a video and created a story that made me look like an asshole… I don’t want that shit happening. It’s not the way I’d want to gain new readers either.

It just really fucks me off. I’d even defend Piers Morgan if this happened to him. He’s a piece of shit but it’s the act of taking something out of context that angers me.


Why you so mad, bro?


Parker just wants Piers to rock him like a hurricane.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Any excuse:

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Only a little?


Well there was your first mistake.

I watched a little bit of the “offending” clips about Brie. A bunch of it was her and Hemsworth arguing over who is stronger, Captain Marvel or Thor. That’s basically the kind of dumb shit you’d want these people talking about at junkets. You have to be pretty far down the rabbit hole to see that as damning footage of Brie.


I imagine Larson’s cool to work with if Samuel L. Jackson agreed to star in Unicorn Store.

I, too, watched the trailer for that…


YouTube has offered me 20 videos from the rabbit hole in the last two days. 15 minutes videos on why Brie Larson is a cunt. There’s only so many times I can roll my eyes before I end up here ranting.

When I go back on YouTube myself I’ll probably call all the wankers out there but for now I’ll just rant here every so often.




There’s more emotion from her in that gif that the whole Captain Marvel movie.