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"The Play's The Thing" - a theatre thread


Whenever I get involved in a discussion of Hamlet, I invariably bring up the episode of Gilligan’s Island wherein the great Phil Silvers plays Broadway producer Harold Hecubah, who crashlands his hot-air balloon on the island and eventually directs the castaways in a musical production of Hamlet. Classic stuff; here’s just a taste:


Oh no.

Are you there yet?


Do you mean in terms of having learned the lines or having an existential crisis? Because I can tell you that the answer to one of those is yes.


Use it. :slight_smile:


We went to see Apologia last night (which is a very deftly written piece) with Stockard Channing in the lead role. She gave a slightly uneven performance (unlike her face which has gone past the point of Botox return … was a bit taken aback by how much it changes her face) but when she was good, she was great. And someone I’m delighted to have seen act on stage.



And no worries. I’ve been having the latter since round about mid-April. After a while it becomes background noise and the new normal.

Are you there yet? :stuck_out_tongue:
(Clearly I am 3 yrs old).


Whilst I understand the pressure, I can never comprehend why actresses use Botox when their profession depends upon expression.



A 3hr+ play, on the politics of Israel/Palestine … and it manages to be not only smart, but funny, insightful and to draw hope from despair - AND I didn’t begrudge the running time.

Thoroughly terrific theatre.


Not quite Broadway theater, but at the end of September we have tickets to see Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, sung in German at the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center. This will NOT be a kiddie version. :grinning:


We really don’t get to go to the theatre very often, it’s been a long, long time.

Tonight we got to see the stage version of The Wipers Times.

The TV version was excellent but this is superb, being able to take that bit further on the stage.

If you get the chance to catch this while it’s touring the UK, do so.


I am seeing a theatre adaptation of Let the Right One In in November. I haven’t seen or read it before in any other medium, so I an looking forward to it.


I think it’s a great play but one which had some divided opinions. I saw it a couple of times in London (once with Millarworld folk I think?) and loved it both times - it’s a play where it’s easy to lose yourself in the feel of it (or at least it was in the production I saw)


I will let you know what I make of it.


It’s The London Horror Festival and there are a range of plays on, starting with ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ which I saw tonight in a pub theatre Islington.

It’s a comedy version, and pretty successful, despite all the roles being played by just two actors (helped by sound effects and lighting), who also puppeteer a few extra roles for added effect.

Only an hour long, it doesn’t cover everything, but it adds a few scenes that aren’t in the story.

It was a good evening, fun for all the fish… I mean family! :squid:


Saw an adaptation of “Don Quijote” that had two actors and a framing story that used a fictionalised version of the actors’ actual lives, and mixed that with scenes from the novel and metanarrative discourse that worked through the Don Qujote motif on different levels.

It was a great little play that really showed what you can do with two people and a small stage, so after the autumn holidays, I’ll be taking my pupils from a German literature and a drama course to see this.


SpongeBob SquarePants Musical is coming to Broadway in November.

I’m just sayin’…


@RonnieM :wink:


Very cool. We have tickets to see the US tour next year in Cleveland with our season tickets. At one point, they actually cut off Hamilton ticket availability as part of the season ticket package and this was at the beginning of this year.

It’s so good. If you ever get the opportunity to see it without having to sell your first born, I highly recommend it.

I also saw Groundhog Day on Broadway and Waitress in Cleveland not long ago which were both incredible. This weekend we are seeing On Your Feet! in Cleveland.


The Bridge Theatre’s production of Julius Caeser sounds excellent and tickets are reasonably priced too.

Might be able to do a matinee performance in Feb or March.


Excellent cast.

Also, Ben Whishaw’s ‘tache and hair :heart_eyes: